NASCAR driver reacts to Fernando Alonso dating Taylor Swift

Fernando Alonso has neither confirmed nor denied if he's dating pop star Taylor Swift.

The build-up to this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix has been dominated by a fascinating and truly bonkers story, regarding Fernando Alonso’s love life.

Despite having only recently become single again, Alonso is already being linked to a new partner, who just so happens to be one of the biggest pop stars on the planet.

According to an anonymous Instagram page, the double World Champion is secretly dating Taylor Swift, at least if he is, it’s definitely not a secret anymore.

Whilst most can’t quite get their heads around the idea of Alonso and Swift dating, the Aston Martin driver has brilliantly played along with the rumour, by refusing to confirm or deny it.

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The rumour has spread across the world in rapid fashion, with it currently being all over social media.

As a result, several videos have begun to appear on social media of people reacting to the headline, with NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace being the latest to give his view on the speculated couple.

“Your thought on Fernando and Taylor Swift dating?” Wallace was asked.

“What’s that?” Wallace responded, whilst looking completely baffled by what he’d been told.

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“Apparently Fernando and Taylor Swift are an item,” the reporter said.

“I swear that’s what the internet says,” the reporter added, whilst Wallace continued to look comically confused.

“I’ll have to get Amanda to confirm that she’s going to her concert Kansas weekend,” said Wallace.

“I mean the internet is blaze,” stated the reporter.

“What?” said Wallace.

“I swear,” the reporter replied whilst laughing.

“Good for him,” said Wallace, “damn good for her, yeah”

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Alonso was bombarded with questions on Thursday as to whether the rumour is actually true, to which he often replied by stating: “I’m just focused on Baku and racing and let’s see,” Alonso told Sky Sports F1, whilst grinning like a child.

If the rumour is true then it’d certainly be the star of an international power couple, given the duo’s individual following.

Given how challenging the Baku City Circuit is, Alonso will likely try to put the Swift rumours into ‘Blank Space’ for the time being, with his full concentration needing to be on the new sprint format.