‘Missiles could come out’: Lewis Hamilton shocks Mercedes owner

Lewis Hamilton impressed Mercedes part owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe when filming for a recent YouTube video.

In a recent YouTube video, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who owns a third of the Mercedes team, allowed Lewis Hamilton to take his new car for a spin off road and push it to its limits.

Hamilton took control of the £52,000 Ineos Grenadier 4×4 at the Millbrook Proving Ground, really throwing the car about and pushing it to its limits, much to the surprise of his boss.

Ratcliffe is clearly impressed with Hamilton’s driving skills away from Formula 1, having to hold on as the seven-time Formula 1 world champion put the car to the test.

“Considering you’ve not driven off-road that much, you took to that quite quickly. It’s surprising for a Formula 1 driver,” stated Ratcliffe when asked for his thoughts on Hamilton’s performance.

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Hamilton was clearly enjoying himself a little too much behind the wheel of the monstrous 4X4, admitting he was miles away at points, nearly hitting a post and ripping on of the car’s wheels off while exploring the testing terrain.

Hamilton said at the end of the video that he really enjoyed driving the car, even suggesting that he might order one of his own, such was the impression left on the 37-year-old after the experience.

“I’m genuinely enjoying driving this car,” he claimed.

“It definitely felt James Bond-like. It feels like you’ve got missiles that could come out.

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“If I were to order mine, I’d do this all in black and have all those extra lights that you guys have and the beefed-up wheels.”

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The British hero has always been a fan of cars, reportedly owning a mind-blowing collection of vehicles, so it would be no surprise if he decided to purchase the Ineos following the shoot.

On the track, Hamilton’s driving has been equally impressive of late, challenging for wins in both Austin and Mexico, potentially a different strategy away from taking a victory at these races, and this will come as encouragement for the Brit going into the final two rounds of the season.

Should Hamilton fail to win in Brazil or Abu Dhabi, he will complete his first ever winless season in Formula 1.