Mick Schumacher’s cousin blamed for fiery crash

The DTM season finale took place last weekend at the previous host of the German GP, Hockenheim.

Last weekend proved to be a terrifying one for a number of series other than Formula 1, which, of course, saw Carlos Sainz’s heavy crash at the Japanese Grand Prix and then Pierre Gasly’s near-miss with the recovery vehicle.

It was also a concerning weekend for DTM, after a huge crash took place at the season finale held at Hockenheim, where an impact was so heavy that an engine quite literally flew out of a car.

Three cars were mainly involved in the fiery crash, which saw two heavily collide with a barrier on the outside of the entry to Turn Eight, and the other hit a barrier on the inside.

One of the drivers involved happened to be the son of ex-F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, David Schumacher.

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Schumacher was taken to hospital following the “violent” collision, where it was discovered that he had a bruised spine.

The crash took place on the sixth lap of the race and was caused by championship contender Thomas Preining and Schumacher colliding, with both of their cars bouncing back onto the circuit after hitting the barrier.

Dennis Olsen reacted rapidly to avoid driving straight into the pair but ended up crashing into the barrier on the inside of the corner.

The Norwegian’s car dramatically set on fire, with his engine quite literally falling out of his car and being left on the circuit.

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A red flag was instantly flown, as the true extent of the damage was revealed.

Thankfully, all three drivers are seemingly okay, just somewhat battered and bruised.

Schumacher explained that he was a “passenger” in the collision, whilst driving his Mercedes.

“I was driving to the left of Preining through the fast-right in front of the East Grandstand when he pulled to the outside,” Mick Schumacher’s cousin told Autosport.

“We touched, both turned right and from then on I was just a passenger. The impact was really violent.”

Preining seemed less than impressed by the crash, which “hurt and lot” and ended his championship hopes.

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The driver appeared to blame Schumacher for the horrifying crash, which he labelled as “very expensive”.

“I gave David as little space as possible and tried to make myself wide,” he told Autosport.

“And he has to go back at some point. But from my direct view in the car he came back a bit too aggressively. The crash hurt a lot, and it was certainly very expensive.”