Mick Schumacher opens up on the pressure of being Michael’s son

Mick Schumacher used his mother's maiden name - Betsch - for the bulk of his junior racing career.

Mick Schumacher has undoubtedly the most famous surname in motorsport history, one which understandably comes with a daunting level of pressure.

Mick’s father is, of course, seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher, who is regarded as the greatest F1 driver of all-time by many.

Michael was an unbelievable talent that saw Germany have some of the biggest Grand Prix attendances, with thousands of fans keen to catch a glimpse of the 53-year-old in action.

Given his success, many have compared Mick to his father for the vast majority of his career over recent years, from when he switched from competing under his mother’s maiden name, to his father’s surname.

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For the majority of his junior career, Schumacher raced with the surname Betsch, until he moved to Formula 4 in 2015.

His stint as a Ferrari Driver Academy member also piled on a sizeable amount of pressure, given that his father brought so much success to the Maranello-based team.

Even his switch to Mercedes as been labelled as following in his dad’s footsteps, with Michael having raced for the Silver Arrows from 2010-2012.

Whilst Mick is only their reserve driver, it still marks a step that his 91-time GP winning father took.

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The former Haas driver admits himself that the surname “has its downsides”, but that it also has several “perks”.

The 23-year-old recalled how he’s been in the paddock sine he was a “young kid”, meaning he has had the opportunity to meet some remarkable people.

Whilst discussing his famous surname, the German revealed that he’s eager to make “the most” out of his year as Mercedes’ reserve driver.

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“The name Schumacher has its perks and has its downsides,” Schumacher told GPFans.

“But one good thing is that obviously I’ve been in the paddock ever since I was a young kid and I’ve been able to meet so many great people, be it at Ferrari, at Mercedes, that I will go and see and consult with.

“Just to get the full picture for myself on what I feel is needed to, again, put me in a position where I’m the most comfortable, but also I’m sure of getting the most out of next year if it’s driving or if it’s not driving.”