Michael Schumacher-inspired bracelets selling for $10,000

Tyres used by Michael Schumacher at the 1996 Italian GP are being used to make luxury bracelets.

It’s nothing new to hear of one of Michael Schumacher’s cars being sold at auction; however, it’s significantly less common to hear about his tyres being used to make bracelets.

That’s exactly what Mongrip have started doing, with the special MZ96 bracelets being worth $10,440.

The bracelets have received their name from the specific tyres being used to create the bracelets, as they are from the 1996 Italian Grand Prix.

This is where the ’96’ comes from, whilst the ‘MZ’ in the product name is a reference to Monza.

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It was an iconic race for Schumacher, as it was his first at Monza for Ferrari, after leaving Benetton at the end of the 1995 season.

1995 was when the German secured his second consecutive Drivers’ Championship; he had to wait until 2000 for his third.

The bracelet weighs just 30 grams and is made mostly of Schumacher’s tyres from that race in 1996, whilst the famous dragon emblem which featured on his helmets also has its place on the bracelet.

Seven diamonds can also be found on the bracelet, in what is a reference to his seven Drivers’ Championships, claimed in 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

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Those interested in purchasing one of the bracelets can also have 16 letters engraved if they wish, although this will increase the delivery time by 10 days.

Mongrip will release the first batch of the bracelets on December 7; however, they’re likely to sell in rapid fashion given that only seven have been made.

The availability and release date of the second batch is still to be confirmed but it’s safe to say that purchasing one of the bracelets is significantly cheaper than buying one of Schumacher’s old cars.

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His F2003-GA recently sold for a record-breaking $14.87 million, the same cost as just over 1,424 of the bracelets, if that many were even purchasable.

It’s certainly a priceless piece for any Schumacher supporter, especially as so little continues to be known of his condition, following his horrific skiing accident in December 2013.

Schumacher’s life is very much kept private now, with very few updates having been made over the years.