Michael Andretti suggests it’s impossible to block their F1 entry

Only Alpine and McLaren are reportedly in support of Andretti Global joining the Formula 1 grid.

Michael Andretti’s attempt to finally get Andretti Global on the Formula 1 grid has been met with a mixed response, from both F1 and the FIA president.

After failing to purchase the current Sauber team last season, Andretti has worked relentlessly to get a proposal in place to get an actual Andretti team on the grid, with the American company having even partnered with one of the world’s biggest manufacturers.

Andretti Global has partnered with Global Motors for a Cadillac-badged Formula 1 team, with some current teams viewing Cadillac’s plans as a “badging exercise”.

Renault have sold Andretti an F1 engine so they can prepare for an F1 entry, with most expecting Cadillac to have their badge put onto it.

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Given that Renault have sold Andretti an engine, it would come as no shock that Alpine are one of two sides to support the Americans bid to join the grid, with McLaren being the other side.

Supposedly, Michael approached all the teams at the Miami Grand Prix to get their signature of support; however, all the teams apart from those mentioned failed to give their approval for Andretti to join the grid.

Many are believed to be unhappy with how Michael has approached Andretti Global’s F1 bid, with most not liking how public it’s been.

Despite this, Michael believes that it’s difficult for anyone to “argue” against their proposal, after partnering with “one of the biggest manufacturers in the world”.

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“One of the big things was: well, what does Andretti bring to the party?” Andretti said.

“Well, we’re bringing one of the biggest manufacturers in the world now with us, with General Motors and Cadillac.

“We feel that that was the one box we didn’t have checked that we do have checked now. I think we’ll be bringing a tremendous amount of support now to F1. It’s hard for anyone to argue that now.”

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem is seemingly a fan of the possible all-American team and revealed his shock at how negatively the F1 paddock took Andretti’s partnership with Cadillac.

“It is surprising that there has been some adverse reaction to the Cadillac and Andretti news,” Ben Sulayem wrote.

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“The FIA has accepted the entries of smaller, successful organisations in recent years. We should be encouraging prospective F1 entries from global manufacturers like GM and thoroughbred racers like Andretti and others.

“Interest from teams in growth markets adds diversity and broadens F1’s appeal.”

It appears, though, that a lot of what is really going on around the potential Andretti F1 outfit isn’t being told, with a senior F1 team figure admitting that “there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors,” an unnamed team boss told Motorsport.com.