Mercedes to announce new Lewis Hamilton contract at 2023 British GP

Lewis Hamilton's future with Mercedes is likely to include ambassadorial roles with the Silver Arrows, locking in his relationship with the team beyond Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton’s eagerly awaited contract extension with Mercedes is reportedly nearing its finalisation and could potentially be announced during the 2023 British Grand Prix. 

The seven-time Formula One World Champion’s current contract with the team expires at the end of this year, and discussions about his future have been ongoing, with positive indications from both parties.

Sky Sports F1’s David Croft expressed confidence in the negotiations, stating: “The devil is in the detail. Lewis wants to stay at Mercedes. 

“Mercedes want to stay with him. It will get done.” 

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Croft emphasised that the agreement will likely focus not only on financial aspects but also on supporting the Hamilton commission and exploring future collaborations and ambassadorial roles.

“It won’t be about money; it will be about support for the Hamilton commission, support with the various things Lewis wants to do – tie-ups in the future, maybe an ambassadorial role,” Croft explained. 

“There will be lots of different things that need sorting out, but it will get done. It wouldn’t surprise me if it gets done at Silverstone; that would be a logical thing.”

Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff, had previously indicated that discussions about Hamilton’s contract extension were nearing their conclusion, stating: “We are talking more days than weeks.” 

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However, during the press conference in Montreal ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Hamilton hinted at the complexity of the negotiations.

“We had a good meeting just recently. They are very complex contracts. It’s not just a simple driving contract,” Hamilton revealed. 

Despite the intricacies involved, Hamilton expressed his intentions to continue racing with Mercedes for a substantial period. He emphasised the importance of exploring various avenues to expand his partnership with the team and stressed that rushing the process was unnecessary.

“Right now, I’m planning to be here and racing for a decent chunk of time,” Hamilton stated. 

“You have just got to explore all avenues in the sense of how you can continue to expand your partnership with such a great organisation. It’s not as easy as just saying ‘go ahead,’ and I don’t have to be in a rush.”

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Hamilton also highlighted the strong relationship he shares with Mercedes, affirming that they have engaged in multiple discussions. 

While he remained unperturbed about the timing of the contract’s finalisation, he expressed confidence that the agreement will be reached.

“We have talked several times. We have a great relationship. It will get done when it’s done. If that’s next week, in a month’s time, as long as it’s done, I’m not really bothered,” Hamilton concluded.