Mercedes refuse to accept Lewis Hamilton demand in new contract

Mercedes have denied Lewis Hamilton's demand for his new contract with the Silver Arrows.

Negotiations for Lewis Hamilton’s contract extension with Mercedes have reportedly hit a stumbling block, with the seven-time champion unlikely to get the deal he desires. 

Hamilton, whose current contract is set to expire in a few months, has yet to sign an extension with the team.

According to The Mail, Hamilton’s request for a five-year extension has been denied by Mercedes. 

The British driver had expressed his desire for a longer-term deal, but it seems that the team is not willing to offer such an agreement.

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While both Hamilton and Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff were optimistic during the Spanish Grand Prix that a new deal would be reached within days, several weeks have passed without any significant developments. 

However, Wolff remained confident during the Spielberg race weekend, stating, “I am still very confident it is still days. We want to do it super, to get every detail right.”

Previous reports had indicated that Hamilton demanded a five-year contract worth around £250 million. 

However, sources claim that money is not the primary concern in the negotiations. 

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There were suggestions that Hamilton would reject an extension if Mercedes only offered a one-year deal, as he wants to avoid being overshadowed by his teammate. 

On the other hand, it is speculated that George Russell, Mercedes’ reserve driver, may be hesitant to commit to a long-term deal, fearing he would remain in Hamilton’s shadow.

Hamilton has repeatedly expressed his loyalty to Mercedes and downplayed the ongoing contract talks. 

However, The Mail suggests that the German manufacturer is considering offering the star a one-year deal with the option for a second year. 

Additionally, Hamilton is said to be interested in a 10-year brand ambassador role with an annual salary of approximately £20 million for when he retires.

During the Canadian Grand Prix, Hamilton addressed the contract speculation, emphasising the complexity of the negotiations. 

He stated, “We had a good meeting just recently. 

“They are very complex contracts. It’s not just a simple driving contract. 

“Right now I’m planning to be here and racing for a decent chunk of time. 

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“You have just got to explore all avenues in the sense of how you can continue to expand your partnership with such a great organization.”

Hamilton acknowledged his discussions with Wolff and expressed confidence that a deal will eventually be reached. 

He added, “It will get done when it’s done. If that’s next week, in a month’s time, as long as it’s done, I’m not really bothered.”