Mercedes poke fun at the FIA amid row with Lewis Hamilton

Sir Lewis Hamilton was seen wearing more jewellery than usual in Miami in protest of the FIA's re-emphasised ban on accessories.

The Mercedes Formula 1 Team have demonstrated their support for seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton, after a comical Twitter post directed towards the FIA’s recent tightening of their ban regarding jewellery.

Hamilton used the recent Miami press conference to illustrate his disappointment at the FIA’s tightening of their rule, which stipulates that drivers are banned from wearing jewellery whilst racing.

The British driver arrived to the press conference wearing eight rings, three watches, four necklaces and two earrings.

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Whilst the amount of jewellery worn by Hamilton was considerably more than usual, the Mercedes driver clearly made his point to the higher powers.

Hamilton explained how he’s worn accessories his whole Formula 1 career, and that some are physically unremovable.

“I’ve been in the sport for 16 years and I’ve been wearing jewellery for 16 years.” Hamilton said.

“In the car I only have my earrings on and my nose ring, which I can’t remove.”

The British driver, who has had a challenging start to the 2022 season, clearly has the support of his team regarding the issue.

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The Mercedes social media team posted a retweet of a comment made directed at Hamilton’s three watches.

The post simply read “3 Watches, UK time, US time and hammer time”

The issue surrounding jewellery and Hamilton’s disapproval of it has been supported by Pierre Gasly, who spoke out in support of the 37-year-old.

“I also have religious items that I wear with me when I’m racing, which are important to me, and which I don’t feel comfortable not having with me driving in the car.” explained the Frenchman.

The uproar over drivers jewellery was sparked into life ahead of this weekend, when race director Niels Wittich stated how all drivers must not wear chains or body piercings when competing in the championship.

Hamilton believes that the sport clamping down on jewellery is a “step backwards”, especially with all that is currently going on across the globe.

The FIA have granted Hamilton two races to remove his nose ring.