McLaren’s Ambitious Targets to Keep Norris in their Driving Seat – What Are They and Are They Feasible?

Historically, McLaren is one of the most successful and celebrated F1 teams. It was founded in 1963 and went on to dominate the sport throughout the latter part of that decade and into the 1970s.

However, McLaren has been through something of a difficult time of late. Star driver Lando Norris could even leave the team for a rival, an event that McLaren will be keen to avoid at all costs. Let’s take a look at the situation in more detail and discuss what McLaren is doing to hold on to Norris.

Who is Lando Norris?

There’s a lot of F1 info out there. It’s a complex sport with a long, rich history, which can leave newcomers feeling overwhelmed with all there is to learn. 

However, some of the biggest F1 stars become household names, familiar to those within and outside of the sport. The most obvious examples are Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. Recently, a new name has been generating lots of excitement, and many believe he could be the next big thing in F1.

We’re talking, of course, about Lando Norris. The 23-year-old British driver is currently part of the F1 team, and he is the youngest-ever British F1 driver. According to some experts, Norris is the brightest up-and-coming star in F1, and only Max Verstappen is better than him.

Could Norris Leave McLaren?

Norris joined McLaren as a junior driver in 2017. He excelled during his time with the junior team, and was offered a senior contract in 2019, going on to take part in the F1 World Championship that year.

He quickly became one of McLaren’s hottest prospects, generating a lot of excitement in the sport. He made his maiden podium at the Austrian Grand Prix in 2020, after his fourth-place finish was upgraded to third due to a penalty issued to Lewis Hamilton.

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In 2022, Norris signed another contract with McLaren, agreeing to stay with the team until 2025. However, after a tumultuous start to 2023, his future with McLaren looks to be in doubt.

What is McLaren Doing to Keep Norris?

If rumours are to be believed, Norris could end his McLaren contract prematurely, with a blockbuster move to Red Bull to partner Max Verstappen being touted.

McLaren will be desperate to avoid this and has come up with a plan to ensure it doesn’t happen.

First, the development of the new 2026 McLaren engine is said to be going well. This will reassure Norris that the team’s future is a positive one. Next, McLaren resigned star Oscar Piastri on a three-year deal. In doing so, they are ensuring that Norris has the talented teammates he needs to succeed.

Ultimately, McLaren needs to offer Norris a shot at the world title if they want to keep him. This is certainly a lofty target, but a necessary one if they want to retain the ambitious and talented young driver.


McLaren is planning to use the development of its new engine, a solid roster of drivers, and the opportunity to lift a world title in an effort to keep a hold of Norris. Will this strategy work? We’ll just need to wait and see.