McLaren tease Red Bull for copying them

McLaren have had a difficult start to 2023, but the upgrades they introduced in Austria look very promising.

Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing, had a light-hearted response to Red Bull’s adoption of one-off liveries, joking that it was nice to see them copying McLaren in at least one aspect. 

McLaren has gained a reputation in recent years for their willingness to change the appearance of their cars to commemorate special occasions or pay homage to their history.

Earlier this year, McLaren celebrated their Triple Crown achievements by unveiling three different liveries across their Formula 1 team and their IndyCar outfit during the Monaco and Indy 500 weekend. 

Continuing this tradition, McLaren unveiled a throwback chrome design on Monday, reminiscent of their cars from the late 2000s and early 2010s, ahead of the upcoming British Grand Prix.

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While McLaren has embraced this unique livery approach, they are not alone in experimenting with new designs. 

Red Bull introduced the first of three US-themed liveries at the Miami Grand Prix, although it did not deviate significantly from their usual colour scheme.

During the livery launch, Zak Brown playfully commented on the trend of teams adopting McLaren’s design choices, stating, “I think we’re seeing more teams do it now, right? 

“Red Bull did something earlier this year. So while everyone’s trying to copy their car, it’s nice to see they’re copying some of the stuff that we’re doing!”

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Brown believes that such one-off liveries are great for the fans and should be kept on a limited basis to maintain their uniqueness and specialness. 

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He also emphasised the importance of having a reason behind each design choice.

Reflecting on other changes seen in Miami, such as the driver introductions, Brown appreciated the diversity of cultures within Formula 1. 

While acknowledging that not everyone may be a fan of certain elements, he highlighted the importance of embracing different cultural practices, especially in venues like Miami, where the introduction style aligns with how sports are traditionally presented in the United States.