McLaren break silence on Lando Norris signing contract with rival team

Lando Norris' impressive performance at the British Grand Prix, including a thrilling battle with Lewis Hamilton, has solidified his position as a rising star in Formula 1.

Lando Norris’ name was on everyone’s lips following his remarkable second-place finish at the British Grand Prix. 

The wheel-to-wheel duel between the young McLaren driver and the seasoned veteran, Lewis Hamilton, captured the imagination of fans and showcased Norris’ exceptional talent. 

As Max Verstappen claimed victory, Norris found himself in the spotlight, becoming something of a national treasure overnight.

When Norris appeared on stage at Silverstone’s fanzone hours later, he was taken aback by the overwhelming crowd and the chants of “Lando” that greeted him. 

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He described himself as “speechless” in response to the outpouring of support.

While the podium finish was the seventh of Norris’ career, it was his first at the British Grand Prix. 

The achievement came as a surprise, considering McLaren’s challenging start to the season and their initially uncompetitive car. 

However, a recent major upgrade in Austria signalled a change in direction for the team, and further improvements are expected. 

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Norris acknowledged that the car performs better at high speeds than at slow ones, indicating that the project is still a work in progress.

Amid difficult times, rumours began circulating a few weeks ago about Norris potentially considering a move to another team or receiving interest from other suitors, with Red Bull being mentioned. 

However, Norris dismissed the speculations, highlighting that he is contracted to McLaren until the end of 2025. He also expressed his loyalty to the team that has nurtured him since before his debut four seasons ago.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown addressed the rumors, emphasising the importance of providing Norris with a competitive car.

Brown stated, “Whoever he signs for next, he needs to believe he has a car he can win a world championship with. 

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“So our goal is to get a fast car.”

Brown praised both Norris and McLaren’s rookie driver, Oscar Piastri, highlighting the increasing significance of drivers as other teams catch up with Red Bull’s dominance.

Looking to the future, Brown envisions McLaren as one of the five teams regularly contending for victories by 2025. 

The team has made significant investments, including the appointment of new team principal Andrea Stella, the establishment of a new wind tunnel, and the construction of a new composites factory, all contributing to their ambitious goals.