Max Verstappen’s girlfriend’s call for Israel-Palestine ceasefire results in ‘death threats’

Max Verstappen's girlfriend has used her Instagram profile to call for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Palestine.

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet has called for people sending her “death threats” to unfollow her on social media, following her plea for a ceasefire to take place between Israel and Palestine.

Piquet has been vocal on social media in calling for an end to the war, which has seen hundreds of children murdered.

The daughter of three-time World Champion Nelson Piquet is often not afraid of sharing her political views on Instagram to her 1.3 million followers; however, her statement in support of a ceasefire has resulted in an onslaught of messages in her DMs.

Piquet revealed that she’s been on the receiving end of “obscene pictures” and “highly abusive language”, in addition to the death threats.

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She insisted that her follower count and brand deals are “not more important” than a life she could save by using her profile to call to an end to the war, with her insisting that “it’s only human to ask for the protection of all children”.

She released a long statement via her Instagram story to explain why she’s urging for a ceasefire and called for those who disagree with her political stance to simply unfollow her, rather than bombard her with the horrific messages.

“I can’t stop thinking about all pain, suffering, mourning, trauma, shock, despair that the Palestinians in Gaza are living through right now. To imagine all the young innocent souls that have been lost, entire families wiped out, parent-less children, and parents who’ve had to hug their dead children.

“I’m also thinking about the hostages that are in the hands of Hamas, and thankful to see that four of them have now been safely released. But the images and videos I am witnessing daily from the horror happening in Gaza is beyond comprehension.

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“Instead of coming in my DMs with your death threats, highly abusive language, and other obscene pictures, UNFOLLOW ME. This is not a ~conflict~ this is a genocide. My follower count or brand deals are not more important than a life I could be saving by advocating to stop this. And neither are yours.”

She added: “Express that you want this ethnic cleansing to end. NOW. It’s only Human to live in freedom and in peace. It’s only Human to ask for a cease fire. It’s only Human to ask for the protection of all CHILDREN. I stand for peace. I stand for love. I stand for freedom.”

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Piquet, of course, has a daughter of her own, whose father is ex-Formula 1 driver Daniil Kvyat.

Piquet and her daughter now live with Verstappen, who she’s been dating since 2021.

She was by the three-time World Champion’s side last weekend at the United States Grand Prix, where the Brazilian model watched on puzzled as Verstappen received substantial booing and jeers.