Max Verstappen’s girlfriend tells him ‘no’

Max Verstappen has previously been criticised over his weight whilst he's been on holiday relaxing.

Double World Champion Max Verstappen seemingly isn’t set for a life of eating whatever he wants, with the Red Bull driver’s girlfriend set to ensure that the 25-year-old remains on a good diet.

Verstappen’s diet and training regime was discussed in a recent documentary about the Red Bull star, with the clip in question having also included Verstappen’s girlfriend, Kelly Piquet.

The reigning World Champion’s weight is a topic which has been discussed before, with some having criticised the Dutchman in the past for gaining a few pounds.

Verstappen openly admitted himself that he put on some weight ahead of the 2023 F1 season, after properly celebrating his second consecutive title.

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He got on top of his weight, though, as he began his training regime and diet plan for the season.

The Dutchman is seemingly looking forward to the day when he can finally “eat what I want” and not have to burn it off immediately after, with Verstappen having admitted that he’s going to eat more food when he’s “forty”.

If Piquet has things her way, though, then Verstappen won’t be eating whatever he wants, with the Brazilian being keen on keeping the F1 star in great shape post-F1.

“When I am forty, then I will no longer race. Then I will eat what I want,” Verstappen said in the recent Viaplay documentary ‘Max Verstappen: Anatomy Of A Champion’.

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“No,” responds Piquet.

“Not? I’m getting as fat as a pudding sandwich,” Verstappen assured.

“No,” Piquet again replied.

Verstappen’s life post-F1 could start sooner than expected, with the Dutchman having recently hinted at an early retirement once again.

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Verstappen is known to be against all the changes to the sport’s format, with two qualifying sessions for sprint weekends now being heavily discussed.

The Red Bull driver prefers the sport’s traditional format of three practice sessions, one qualifying and then the race, with him also being against sprint races.

Should the sport continue to make changes to the format then Verstappen may well leave the pinnacle of motorsport when his lucrative contract expires at the end of 2028, something which would come as a huge shock to the paddock.