Max Verstappen’s dad backs suspended employee amid Christian Horner scandal

Max Verstappen has voiced significant loyalty to Marko, indicating his critical role in Max's decision-making within the team.

Jos Verstappen, father of F1 star Max Verstappen, has thrown his support behind a Red Bull employee currently under suspension following disregarded complaints against team principal Christian Horner.

Despite not attending the F1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix due to his participation in a rally in Belgium, Jos has made his stance clear on the controversy surrounding Horner, believing he will retain his position for the remainder of the 2024 season thanks to backing from Red Bull’s Thai owner.

His concerns, however, highlight the potential negative impact on the team’s morale.

“I think it’s too late for Christian to say ‘leave me alone’ but he has the support of the Thai owner so I think he will stay for the rest of the season,” Jos told the Daily Mail, expressing apprehension about Horner’s continued presence being detrimental to the team’s dynamics.

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Further complicating the team’s environment, Jos revealed his confrontations with Horner in Bahrain, emphasizing their disagreement did not escalate into a physical altercation but acknowledged a heated exchange.

This incident underscores the tension within the Red Bull camp, reflecting the broader unrest hinted by Jos’s support for the suspended female employee, whose situation remains uncertain.

Jos’s primary concern is the influence of these off-track controversies on his son, Max Verstappen.

He noted the distractions have overshadowed Max’s performance and the team’s racing objectives. “All these things that are going on are having an influence on Max,” Jos remarked, critiquing the focus on Horner’s issues over the racing achievements.

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Amidst these developments, Red Bull faces additional scrutiny with an investigation into Helmut Marko’s actions, potentially affecting Max Verstappen’s future with the team.

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Max Verstappen has voiced significant loyalty to Marko, indicating his critical role in Max’s decision-making within the team.

The saga reached a new peak with Jos’s comments in Bahrain, warning of internal discord and accusing Horner of self-victimization, juxtaposed against Horner’s public attempts to quell the turmoil.

Despite Horner’s calls for moving past the saga, Jos believes it’s too late to simply draw a line under the matter, emphasizing above all his desire for Max’s happiness amidst the unfolding drama.