Max Verstappen strongly rejects Red Bull favouritism claim

It has been suggested that Red Bull design their cars to suit the driving style of Max Verstappen.

While teams like Ferrari have two very good drivers, with neither being favoured or given preferential treatment, Red Bull certainly have a number one and number two driver.

Two-time world champion Max Verstappen is Red Bull’s star, with his teammate Sergio Perez often being resigned to playing the wingman role and helping out the dominant Dutchman wherever possible.

Many have tried to live up to the standards of Verstappen and have lost their seat, with Perez reportedly set to attempt a title charge of his own this year.

It has been suggested by some fans and pundits that one of the reasons that Verstappen significantly outperforms his teammates is because Red Bull design the car to suit his driving style, something which the 25-year-old strongly denies.

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“I don’t think it’s necessarily just suited to my driving style,” he said.

“As a driver, you need to adapt to what you get, and that’s also what I thought when I joined Red Bull, because the car was always like that. It had a good front-end but I never experienced a fast car which has understeer in my life, in any category.

“For me, it’s nothing weird when it feels like the team is really pushing around my driving style. I feel like if people asked me ‘what is your driving style?’ I cannot tell you, because I always adapt to what I get in the best way possible.

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“Sometimes it’s a bit harder than others, but I think that’s the key, you need to adapt. Every year, every track is different. That’s what you try to do best every time.”

Sergio Perez has claimed that after two seasons adapting to life at Red Bull and playing second fiddle to Max Verstappen, he believes that he is capable of challenging the Dutchman this year.

With Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris reportedly eyeing up the Mexican’s seat at Red Bull, Perez will have to be cautious not to upset his team this year, perhaps having to continue as Verstappen’s wingman when necessary.