Max Verstappen sent Lando Norris warning

Lando Norris has repeatedly been linked with a move away from McLaren, with Red Bull interested in signing him.

Former F1 world champion Nico Rosberg has predicted that Lando Norris will be capable of dethroning Max Verstappen, ending the Dutchman’s era of dominance. 

Revealing his admiration for Norris’s recent performances, the German called him a “champion in the making,” citing his back-to-back podium finishes.

Norris’ surge in form not only impacts the championship battle but could also pose a challenge to Lewis Hamilton’s pursuit of an unprecedented eighth world title. 

Speaking to Sky Sports, Rosberg hailed Norris as a world-class talent and applauded the young driver’s exceptional skills.

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“Lando is a champion in the making – he’s world class. He’s incredible as a young driver. He has so much support, it’s really amazing to see,” Rosberg praised.

While McLaren struggled at the beginning of the season, they experienced a swift turnaround in performance, now consistently competing at the sharp end of the grid. 

Norris, in particular, earned praise from pundits for his defensive skills against Lewis Hamilton during the British Grand Prix and showcased his ongoing potential by securing a P2 finish in Hungary.

The 23-year-old’s outstanding performances have not gone unnoticed by their rivals, with Red Bull’s key advisor, Helmut Marko, reportedly holding talks with Norris’s agent at Silverstone. 

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However, Rosberg believes Norris should continue his journey with McLaren, as the team’s upward trajectory is promising.

Rosberg commended McLaren’s remarkable technical development during the season, leading to a significant improvement in their car’s performance. 

The team’s ability to make a massive leap from 13th to second place in the standings has been an unusual and impressive achievement. 

With McLaren now challenging for race wins, Rosberg believes they have what it takes to compete with Red Bull and other top teams.

“The McLaren car is the real deal, that’s confirmed now,” Rosberg said.

“Of course, there’s a very extreme track change now to Spa, but we’ve seen how rapid the McLaren is on the straights, so it should be fine there as well.

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“It’s such an impressive technical development that they’ve done during the season. 

“That’s so unusual for a team to make such a massive jump, from like 13th to second. 

“They’re challenging for the race win now, it’s coming, that race win.”