Max Verstappen says he doesn’t care about Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton’s movie

Brad Pitt was at the back of the grid ahead of the British GP, filming for an upcoming F1-themed movie.

Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen was one of the only drivers on the grid who weren’t “bothered” by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt featuring on the grid at the British Grand Prix, as the upcoming F1-themed movie was filmed.

Pitt is starring in an upcoming unnamed movie based around Formula 1, with significant filming having been carried out throughout the British GP.

Astonishingly, the racing team in the film, APX GP, had their own garage in the pit-lane.

The fictional team’s garage was situated between Mercedes and Ferrari, with it having been the home of two specially modified F2 cars.

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The garage itself and the cars looked incredible, with it having looked like a normal F1 setup.

APX GP’s garage featured everything a normal F1 garage would consist of, something which impressed several drivers.

Verstappen wasn’t impressed though, as he openly admitted that he wasn’t “into” the film itself.

“I think they’re going to use some shots of everybody, in terms of onboard cameras and stuff,” Verstappen told

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“I completely can’t be bothered with this. In the end, a film is always made to create a little bit of a show in it. Because yes, of course, it won’t all be real. But I think it’s all fine. I’m actually not that much into it.”

Mercedes’ George Russell had a completely different view to Pitt being in the paddock, with the Mercedes driver having revealed that he is “so excited” for the movie to be released.

He went on to discuss what Pitt was actually like as a person, and how he came across as “one of the boys”.

“I think it’s one of those when you when you see a worldwide superstar for the first time, it’s quite surreal,” Russell said.

“And then it’s only when you get to be with those individuals whether it was Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt or Roger Federer, whoever we’ve been fortunate enough to meet, you recognise they’re just normal human beings. He was joking around and having a good time and just kind of one of the boys really. So excited to see what the movie does.”

Lewis Hamilton, who is the film’s executive producer, was also full of praise for the Hollywood actor.

Hamilton was thrilled to have Pitt and the entire filming crew in the paddock, whilst he also joked that the A-list actor is “ageing backwards”.

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“Brad looks like he’s ageing backwards,” Hamilton said.

“He looks great for his age. Of course that was a big topic at the beginning when we were discussing the first story.

“But he’s super-fit. He is such an iconic actor. He’s always done such an incredible job. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Brad Pitt in Formula One. It’s incredible.”