Max Verstappen reveals why he was ‘literally screaming’ at his TV

Max Verstappen has expressed admiration for Shane van Gisbergen's triumphant debut in NASCAR.

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen has applauded Shane van Gisbergen following the Australian Supercars champion’s victorious debut in NASCAR. 

Van Gisbergen emerged triumphant on America’s first-ever street circuit race, qualifying third on the grid and overtaking Justin Haley to secure the win in Chicago. 

Verstappen, a friend and fellow Team Redline driver, stayed up late after his own victory in the Austrian Grand Prix to support Van Gisbergen, who became the first person in 60 years to win on their NASCAR debut.

Verstappen expressed his nervousness and excitement while watching Van Gisbergen’s race, stating, “I’ve never felt so nervous in my life watching someone else race and trying to win it. 

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“I was literally screaming in front of the TV or my monitor for him to win.” 

The Red Bull driver was thoroughly impressed by Van Gisbergen’s ability to adapt to the unfamiliar NASCAR Cup car, considering it an exceptional achievement.

Describing Van Gisbergen’s versatility, Verstappen acknowledged the Australian driver’s skills across various disciplines. 

Van Gisbergen has previously excelled in Australian Supercars (formerly V8 Supercars) and demonstrated prowess in rally and now NASCAR. 

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Verstappen commented, “He’s a crazy right-foot braker still.” 

The Red Bull driver admitted that he is unable to replicate Van Gisbergen’s unique driving technique, which allows him to achieve rapid lap times while conserving fuel. 

Verstappen has witnessed Van Gisbergen’s skills first-hand during their time together at Team Redline, including racing on simulators.

Verstappen wasted no time in reaching out to Van Gisbergen to congratulate him on his impressive victory. 

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While the response was delayed due to the celebrations, Verstappen expressed his joy for his friend’s accomplishment. 

However, the Dutch driver ruled out the possibility of participating in a NASCAR race himself, emphasising that it is not his style. 

Verstappen enjoys watching NASCAR and finds it incredibly cool, but his involvement would be limited to being a spectator and enjoying the show with a beer in hand.