Max Verstappen Reveals He Never Discussed Plan To Deliberately Get COVID-19 With Red Bull

Max Verstappen said the idea was never discussed with him, though he is aware that Dr Marko suggested such a strategy in an interview.

Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko at Red Bull F1 team in 2020 -

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, Formula One managed to pull off a 17-race season – and, although there were several coronavirus cases within the F1 paddock, the FIA’s protocols proved effective in preventing the virus from spreading aggressively.

In addition to teams and different groups of individuals within teams forming so-called bubbles, drivers had to be particularly cautious about mixing with other people in and outside of the paddock.

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Ahead of the 2020 season getting underway, Dr Helmut Marko, a senior Red Bull advisor, floated quite a radical idea to prevent the team’s drivers from becoming unwell and missing out on points due to COVID-19.

The Austrian suggested that Max Verstappen and Alex Albon should be deliberately infected with COVID-19 to help their bodies build a defence mechanism against the virus should they come into contact with it during the season.

However, speaking after the season finale in Abu Dhabi, Verstappen revealed that this idea was never discussed with Dr Marko.

“I never really talked about it with Helmut,” Verstappen told Ziggo sport.

“I think he may have said that once in an interview. I never talked about it with him,” he added.

Verstappen also shared his thoughts on having fewer practice sessions for every F1 grand prix weekend.

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The Dutch ace said he thinks having two practice sessions would be a good compromise, as it would still provide teams and drivers with enough time to make set-up changes.

“I do think you need two practice sessions. You can do it on a Saturday. If you get on the track and you don’t have a good balance in the car after that one practice session, then of course you’re not really looking forward to qualifying.

“I think two practice sessions are a bit better to put everything on focus,” Verstappen added.

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