Max Verstappen opens up on fatherhood ambitions after spending time with Daniil Kvyat’s daughter

Max Verstappen looks set to win his second world championship this season.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen would one day love to give fatherhood a try having spent time with the daughter of girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, and the sons of his sister, Victoria.

Victoria has two boys, Luka and Lio, while Piquet is the mother of a daughter named Penelope, so Max has undoubtedly had a lot of practice looking after children in the last couple of years.

The now 24-year-old was himself a child when he entered Formula 1 at the age of 17, but his rapidly growing maturity in 2015 certainly would have convinced many otherwise.

He became the youngest-ever race winner in 2016 on his Red Bull debut at the Spanish Grand Prix, and he has added another 30 to his tally since then, along with a world title.

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Verstappen has one hand on his second title heading into the Singapore Grand Prix in just under three weeks, and if he does not seal the deal there, Japan will surely be the scene of his championship celebrations.

F1 fans around the globe have watched Verstappen grow from a teenager into an adult, and he has a contract with Red Bull that will keep him at the team until he is 31 years old.

The reigning champion has always said that he does not know what he will do after his deal is up, so he cannot say whether there may even be a move to Ferrari in his future.

“Never say never, but now I have a contract with Red Bull until 2028. I’m fine here, let’s see what happens after 2028. Maybe I’ll have already retired,” Verstappen said, quoted by Essentially Sports.

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As for other aspects of his personal life, the time spent with his nephews and stepdaughter has convinced Verstappen that he would like to be a father one day.

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“Yes, I see myself as dad, one day,” he added.

“It’s wonderful to have my sister’s around: the older one runs everywhere, the other still nine months old. Victoria doesn’t stand still for a second.”

Verstappen won last weekend’s Italian Grand Prix to claim his 11th victory of the season and give himself a 116-point lead in the Drivers’ Standings.