Max Verstappen mocks Lewis Hamilton during live stream

Max Verstappen made a reference about his infamous 2021 British GP crash with Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen aimed a comical joke at Lewis Hamilton during a recent sim race, in what was a sly dig at the seven-time World Champion.

Verstappen was competing in a virtual race with his Team Redline team-mates at Silverstone in Formula 3 cars, with that being where he had a huge moment with Hamilton during their titanic 2021 title fight.

Back at the 2021 British Grand Prix, Verstappen started on pole position, with Hamilton lining up alongside him in second.

Hamilton knew he had to make a move on Verstappen on the opening lap, otherwise the Red Bull driver would clear off into the distance and win on his home turf.

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Hamilton initially tried to overtake Verstappen as they entered Brooklands, before the Dutchman closed the door.

In response, Hamilton went wide at Luffield to get a phenomenal exit, which launched him down the run into Copse Corner.

This is where an infamous incident took place between the two drivers, as Hamilton got on Verstappen’s inside.

He was determined to make the move work and braved it out; however, he went slightly wide which sent him into the side of Verstappen.

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Some wondered if Verstappen failed to give the Mercedes driver enough room, only for replays to show that Hamilton had run slightly wide.

Verstappen was ultimately hit at 160mph, with him having flown through the gravel trap before hitting the barrier very hard.

His impact with the barrier was measured at 51G, resulting in him being sent to hospital as a precaution.

Hamilton was slapped with a 10-second time penalty, although he still managed to win his home Grand Prix.

Verstappen remembers the incident well, which is perhaps why he made the joke whilst pulling off an overtake on a fellow sim racer at Copse.

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“So it does work, going side by side into that corner [Copse],” Verstappen said whilst live on Twitch.

It was that crash at Silverstone which truly raised their rivalry to a whole new level, and led to neither driver ever giving the other any room.

This was proven at Monza that year, as they collided once again.