Max Verstappen makes surprising claim about winning second title

Max Verstappen won his second consecutive world championship in 2022, being head and shoulders above the competition.

Red Bull were miraculously one of the only teams on the grid in 2022 that seemed to instantly adapt to the major changes in regulations that came into effect at the start of the season.

Mercedes got their development plan all wrong and were uncompetitive for the majority of the year while Ferrari struggled with reliability and strategy which essential put them out of contention for the title.

Red Bull’s success allowed Max Verstappen to cruise to his second consecutive world championship title, breaking the points and win record along the way.

Despite only being 25 years of age, the Dutchman has suggested that he would be happy to retire without winning another championship, seeing any future success as a bonus.

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“Of course, now I’ve won two, but if I never have the opportunity to win again because of my material, then I’m fine with that,” he said.

“Of course, I would like to win, but you need to have a bit of luck as well with that.

“I said already that after the first one, whatever comes next is just a bonus and honestly I do see it like that.

“It doesn’t change my life. I know who my friends are and I spend time with them and my family. Nothing has really changed in my life in the way I’m living it compared to last year.”

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The Dutchman will be relying on his team putting in a mammoth effort in 2023 if he is to stand any chance of retaining his crown for another year, as Red Bull will have significantly less testing time than their rivals due to their cost cap breach punishment.

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Verstappen’s contract with Red Bull runs until the end of 2028 and he has suggested that he could walk away from the sport rather than sign another extension, as he wishes to compete in other series before he retires from motorsport.

Lewis Hamilton will be eager for a return to winning ways this year after spending 2022 winless, and if Mercedes can provide their drivers with a competitive W14, fans could be in for a title battle as exciting as in 2021.

It is not yet known how badly Red Bull will be affected by their cost cap breach penalty, as this is the first time a team has been sanctioned for breaching a cost cap, with the cap itself only being introduced in 2010.