Max Verstappen jokes about Oscar Piastri

Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Sergio Perez praised Oscar Piastri’s performance in the post-race cooldown room.

Following the action-packed Hungarian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, and Sergio Perez engaged in a lively cooldown room chat, with the main focus on Oscar Piastri’s spectacular start from fourth on the grid, which impressed the top three finishers.

As the customary post-race chat commenced, the drivers delved into the key talking points of the thrilling race. 

The standout moment that dominated the conversation was Piastri’s fantastic start, which saw him swiftly climb from fourth to second position at Turn 1.

Norris animatedly recounted the moment, saying, “I turned, but everyone had stopped. Oscar broke early and cut back, and was almost leading.” 

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The discussion sparked curiosity from Perez, who inquired, “Piastri took the lead?” 

Norris clarified, “No, P2,” highlighting the young Australian’s impressive move.

Just then, Max Verstappen entered the cooldown room, and Norris eagerly pointed to the TV pictures showcasing Piastri’s brilliant start. 

Verstappen jokingly remarked, “He’s like thank you very much!”

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Clearly, the seasoned drivers were appreciative of Piastri’s bold manoeuvre on the track.

The chat continued, touching upon the intense battle between Piastri and Perez, which was also featured on the TV screen. 

The drivers audibly expressed their concern when Piastri came perilously close to going off-track, with Perez commenting, “It got a bit close…”

The conversation then shifted to tire talk and strategy choices, as the drivers reflected on their respective approaches during the race.

Each driver likely shared insights and learnings from the eventful Grand Prix, acknowledging the importance of making the right decisions regarding tire management and race strategy.

Oscar Piastri’s standout performance and his fearless start were undoubtedly the highlights of the post-race discussion. 

The young Australian driver’s ability to challenge and impress his more experienced peers showcased his potential and determination on the Formula One stage.

As the season progresses, Piastri’s progress and growth as part of McLaren will be closely watched by fans and fellow drivers alike. 

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His performance at the Hungarian Grand Prix has undoubtedly left a lasting impression, and Formula One enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing more of his skill and racing prowess in the future.

The cooldown room chat among the top three finishers provided a glimpse into the camaraderie and mutual respect shared by these elite drivers. 

Despite fierce competition on the track, they value and celebrate each other’s achievements, acknowledging outstanding performances such as Piastri’s remarkable start.