Max Verstappen issued warning about his behaviour

Max Verstappen has been fired a warning about his behaviour, as his popularity tumbled following tensions with Sergio Perez.

The Brazilian Grand Prix should be all about George Russell and Mercedes, as the Brit secured his first ever win in Formula 1 as the Silver Arrows completed a stunning one-two for the first time since 2020.

Instead the focus is on Red Bull despite neither of their drivers even finishing on the podium, after Max Verstappen explosively told his race engineer that he would not allow Sergio Perez to pass him despite being asked to.

“You guys don’t ask that again to me. Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons and I stand by it” said the Dutchman after being asked to allow his teammate through.

The race was meaningless to Verstappen, who has already won the drivers’ championship and broken the win record, while Perez needs every point available to him in his battle with Charles Leclerc for second place in the championship.

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It is believed that the 25-year-old’s reasons date back to the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year, where Perez was accused of intentionally causing a red flag in order to secure his pole position in Q3.

Some have called Verstappen short sighted at there is no proof of the Mexican’s intentions in Monaco, and all he has achieved is harming his own reputation by making such a scene rather than addressing his concerns behind closed doors.

Former F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa, who will be joining Aston Martin as an ambassador next year, has warned the Dutchman of warding off those who want to help him.

De la Rosa believes that if he continues to act up with his team then people will start to refuse to work with him as to avoid the way Verstappen might treat them.

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“I think it’s the team’s job to make him understand why it’s wrong,” he said when asked about the incident.

“And he has to understand because it’s very important if he wants to have a loyal team-mate like he has had in Checo.

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“Nobody is going to want to work for Verstappen if they know that he is going to pay them back like this.”

Perez’s main grievance with his teammate’s refusal to help him out is the fact that he did everything he could to ensure Verstappen won the driver’s championships over the past two years, often sacrificing his own race to hold up the other challengers.

Red Bull have reassured Perez that in Abu Dhabi Verstappen will help him out however necessary, but it remains to be seen how obedient the two-time world champion will be if called upon again.