Max Verstappen fumes at Lewis Hamilton for breaching agreement

Max Verstappen secured pole position in Abu Dhabi as part of a Red Bull front row lockout.

Qualifying in Abu Dhabi was hectic, with high amounts of traffic in sector three causing bundles of problems for multiple drivers.

Sebastian Vettel was left fuming at his arcade game style ending to his flying lap in Q1, as he was forced to slalom five cars in the last two corners of the Yas Marina circuit, who were all creeping around the track before they began a fast lap of their own.

There is generally a gentleman’s agreement amongst drivers that when they bunch up and crawl around the final sector of a race track, charging the battery and prepping for a fast lap attempt, they will stick to their order.

The unwritten rule states that the drivers will not overtake each other or jump the queue, as the drivers are going slow deliberately to prepare for a lap, not to be overtaken.

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Lewis Hamilton tore up this agreement in Abu Dhabi, much to the annoyance of Max Verstappen who had to be calmed down by his race engineer over the team radio.

Coming towards the end of Q1, Hamilton found himself behind Verstappen in the queue as they rounded the final couple of corners, but had no intention to adhere to any gentlemen’s agreement as he sped up and shot past the Dutchman.

The 25-year-old was visibly annoyed by Hamilton’s actions, even jolting his steering wheel in the direction of the Brit before being calmed down by his team.

“Let them go. Let them play. Let him go. Let him play,” said Gianpiero Lambiase to his driver following Hamilton’s overtake.

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In the long run Hamilton’s decision to break the agreement did not mean a lot to either driver, as they both advanced from Q1 and the Dutchman eventually took pole position for Sunday’s race.

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Verstappen has won back-to-back championships but was booed upon the completion of the Grand Prix, with the fan’s jeers being heard over the Dutchman’s interview with Jenson Button after the race.

The boos probably relate back to the race in 2021, where Verstappen secured his first world title in very controversial circumstances, but with his victory this year being a lot more straight forward it certainly appears that those at the Yas Marina circuit are holding a grudge over the world champion.

Hamilton will hope that next year he can battle with his old rival more often, as it has only been the last four races of the season where he has had a car capable of challenging Verstappen.