Max Verstappen calls George Russell a di*khead on live TV

Max Verstappen was clearly furious with George Russell following a lap one collision during the Azerbaijan GP sprint race.

Max Verstappen called George Russell a di*khead after the Azerbaijan GP sprint race, and it was inadvertently picked up on live TV.

The Dutchman confronted the Mercedes driver after the first sprint race of the season, as Russell understeered into him on the first lap, resulting in damage on his Red Bull.

The reigning world champion repeatedly fumed on the radio about the incident, but Russell escaped any punishment and went on to finish in P4.

Verstappen, meanwhile, finished in P3, the same position he had qualified in.

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The Red Bull driver approached Russell after getting out of his car, and confronted him about the incident.

Russell blamed the contact on him having cold tyres, and walked away from the furious Dutchman.

As he walked away to be weighed, Verstappen called him a di*khead.

During his post-race interview with Naomi Schiff just minutes later, Verstappen reiterated his frustration and said he didn’t understand why Russell decided to take such a big risk on lap one.

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He also emphasised that his car suffered significant damage as a result of the collision, which cost him lap time and put pay to his chances of winning the sprint race.

His Red Bull team-mate, Sergio Perez, ultimately took victory, ahead of polesitter Charles Leclerc.

The Ferrari driver will also start in P1 for tomorrow’s grand prix, with Verstappen and Perez lining up in second and third on the grid, respectively.