Max Verstappen calls for ‘review’ amid shock defeat

Max Verstappen has been outstanding in 2023, as he shatters numerous Formula 1 records.

Max Verstappen comically called for a “review” in the latest episode of ‘Goggle Games’, a series carried out by Formula 1’s official YouTube channel.

In the latest episode of the series, Verstappen went up against team-mate Sergio Perez in a series of challenges.

The series puts two drivers against one another, with one of the tasks having been for both drivers to draw their home track whilst wearing goggles.

The goggles used alter a person’s vision, with it flipping the way people see things.

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As a result, it makes any challenge extremely difficult.

Verstappen was tasked with drawing Zandvoort whilst Perez had to draw the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, with the latter having been judged as the winner.

Both drawings were shocking, but Perez was still chosen as the victor and was awarded a point as a result.

Verstappen wasn’t pleased by the outcome and jokingly called for VAR (Video Assistant Referee) to be used.

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“I want to call the VAR, I want a review!” Verstappen joked.

The next challenge saw Verstappen and Perez go against each other in a penalty shootout, which took place on a rooftop.

Losing the earlier challenge was clearly still bothering Verstappen, who comically kicked the ball on purpose off the roof and into the car park.

Verstappen was hilariously filmed telling Perez exactly what he was going to do, prior to doing it.

“I’m going to kick the **** out of it. It’s going all the way…” Verstappen whispered to Perez.

Unfortunately, that’s where the video came to an end, with the production crew having only had the one football.

Verstappen has certainly had more luck on the circuit, where he’s somewhat unbeatable currently.

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The two-time World Champion has won eight races in a row and 10 overall this season, whilst he’s claimed victory at 25 of the 34 completed races since the new aerodynamic regulations were introduced.

He leads the Drivers’ Championship by 125 points ahead of Perez, meaning he could effectively miss the next five races and still likely lead the standings.

Verstappen will be hoping to extend his winning streak after the summer break, especially as the season resumes at the end of August at the Dutch Grand Prix.