Max Verstappen breaks silence on Red Bull’s ‘flexible front wing’

Max Verstappen is braced for his most challenging Grand Prix of the season around the tricky Marina Bay circuit.

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen, who recently secured an astonishing 10th consecutive victory, setting a new record in Formula 1, shared insights into Red Bull’s competitiveness at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix. 

While acknowledging that street circuits pose unique challenges, Verstappen emphasised their commitment to maintaining a high level of performance as they target the Constructors’ Championship.

Verstappen’s historic winning streak has captured the attention of the racing world, surpassing Sebastian Vettel’s record set in 2013. 

However, the Dutch sensation revealed that he never dwelled on the idea of winning the next race. Instead, his focus remained on managing the pressure of each individual race.

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Speaking at the Singapore Grand Prix press conference, Verstappen stated, “I think we just are not as competitive as at other tracks; the street circuits are a little bit tougher for our car. 

“I still think that we can do a good job, but it will be very tight.” 

He also reflected on his approach to racing, saying, “I never really looked at number eight, nine, ten; I just always want to do the best I can. 

“So naturally, every single weekend, it’s basically the same amount of pressure you put on yourself to try and get the best result out of it. 

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“So, nothing really changes from that side.”

Despite the challenges posed by street circuits, Red Bull could potentially clinch the Constructors’ Championship at the conclusion of the Singapore Grand Prix. 

The team currently boasts a commanding 310-point lead over their main rivals, Mercedes, who occupy second place. 

For Red Bull to secure their sixth title, both Verstappen and his teammate would need to accumulate 43 points while hoping that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finish outside the top ten.

Red Bull’s remarkable success in 2023, with victories in every race, raises optimism for their performance at the Marina Bay Circuit. 

Verstappen attributed their consistent excellence to the team’s inherent high level of performance and expertise. 

He stated, “I think we always had quite high-level performance as a team, but we just didn’t have that good of a car.” 

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Verstappen acknowledged the team’s improvement, particularly in understanding the new regulations, and emphasised the importance of having talented individuals in every position.

Regarding concerns about a new technical directive introduced at the Singapore Grand Prix to reduce bodywork flexibility, Verstappen dismissed any potential impact on Red Bull’s performance. 

He clarified, “I don’t think it will. We never really had any flexible front wing or whatever. So, I don’t think it will hurt us.”