Max Verstappen admits he ‘sounds crazy’ as he sends huge F1 warning

Max Verstappen has said that retiring at the end of 2028, when his Red Bull contract expires, is a real possibility.

Max Verstappen appears somewhat concerned over the future of Formula 1, not in regard to the racing, but the ever-increasing calendar.

Should a replacement for the 2023 Chinese Grand Prix be found then next season will boast a record-breaking 24-race calendar, something the double World Champion labels as “too much”.

The 25-year-old has admitted that it’s the increasing calendars that are pushing him towards retirement at the end of 2028, when his lucrative contract ends.

By the time his contract reaches its end he will only be 31 years old; however, he believes that the amount of travelling that the teams are subjected to has become “not healthy”.

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“I have often said that this is too much,” Verstappen told De Limburger newspaper.

“It’s the main reason why I will not continue to do this until I turn 40. This much travelling and activity is just not healthy.

“I still really like it now, but you have to give up a lot for it as well. That sounds crazy because driving in Formula 1 is of course a dream for many people.

“But you are always very far from home and from the people you love. There comes a time when you are done with that.”

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It is incredibly rare for an F1 driver to retire so young, with most now continuing well into their late 30s.

Fernando Alonso is set to be in the sport until he’s at least 44 years old, with the Spaniard having a contract of up to three years with Aston Martin.

Verstappen has expressed his interest in trying endurance racing, a calendar which is incredibly less demanding on a driver.

Should the next six seasons be his last in F1, then the Dutchman is hopeful that he’ll inspire the “young Dutch generation” so that a “new” Dutch talent is ready when he decides to call it a day in F1.

“But that’s how it really is,” he insisted.

“When I’m done with it, I’ll stop. It’s that simple.

“I hope that I by then I have been able to inspire and motivate the young Dutch generation in such a way that by the time I stop there may be new talent ready.

“I hope that when I am 31, there will be a new one ready,” Verstappen added.

Whilst his retirement will bring sadness to many Red Bull and Verstappen fans, there is a chance that the famous surname will return in the future.

Verstappen is hopeful that he’ll become a father one day and wouldn’t stop them taking up racing should it interest them; however, he wants to approach it differently to his father, ex-F1 driver Jos Verstappen.

“He or she will not be ready for Formula 1 in six or seven years,” Max laughed.

“But I definitely want kids and if they want to race, that’s fine.

“I do think I would do it differently than how my father and I did it. But it’s easy for me to say that because I don’t have kids now.

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“But the passion he had went very far,” Verstappen added, referring to his father. “He did everything for me – tuning engines, preparing karts. I don’t see myself doing that.

“I’m not going to push my kids to race either. They have to want it for themselves. And if you do go all out with your son or daughter, you can no longer be in Formula 1 yourself.

“You’d have to start laying the foundation from the age of four, and I still want to be there myself.”