Mattia Binotto warns of ‘considerable problem’, urges the FIA not to give in to Mercedes demand

The new regulations have been submitted as teams try to find a compromise to counter "porpoising" and bouncing.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has affirmed that he does not want to see any changes to the technical regulations next season.

Mercedes in particular have been vocal about the “porpoising” and bouncing phenomenon that has hit Formula 1 teams since the start of the season and the return of ground effect aerodynamics.

Not only have Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell lost performance as a result of the contact between the floor and the track surface, but it has proven particularly painful too.

This raised the issue as to whether it was safe to continue to have cars oscillating so aggressively, and this was the reason for the recent technical directive.

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As of the Belgian Grand Prix at the end of August, teams can be asked by the FIA to raise the ride height of their cars if the stewards feel that the bouncing is excessive.

Further, moving skid blocks have been banned from a performance perspective to create a level playing field.

For next season, multiple changes have been proposed that are aimed at reducing the risk of heavy impacts felt by the drivers as a result of bouncing, but this threatens to cost Ferrari and Red Bull performance.

One of the reasons the top two teams are succeeding at the moment is that they have designed cars that are capable of being run low, whereas Mercedes have struggled to do so.

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Further, cars are already in development for next year, so changing them now will create a lot of work for the teams, something both Christian Horner and Mike Krack have warned of.

Binotto reiterated that there is no need for any changes next season, as he feels the last few races are an indication that the bottoming is no longer a safety concern.

“I hope there won’t be any changes, I don’t see any real reasons to make changes to the technical regulations for safety reasons, especially if we look at the latest races,” he told

“In addition, if the aerodynamic regulations were to change for 2023 it would be a considerable problem considering the time of year we are in, there would be very little time to change the concept of the new car.”

The Italian continued to stress that, with Red Bull having told Mercedes that they can simply raise their ride height, safety is not a good enough reason to change the rules.

“And, I repeat, there are no reasons to introduce changes to the technical regulation by citing safety reasons, so I think it can’t happen, and if it does, we’ll try to figure out how to stop them,” added Binotto.

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“We are opposed in the fight for the championship, but when it comes to regulations and the future, I think there should only be common sense for the good of Formula 1 as a whole.

“I have no idea if any changes to the regulations would be in our favour or in Red Bull’s favour, I don’t know and I don’t care.

“If you think in this way on every single topic, then it becomes lobbying, a certainly not a positive attitude for sport in the medium and long term, and as Ferrari we certainly have the responsibility to look also to the medium and long term.

“I believe it is very important to always have a responsible and balanced approach when evaluating and making crucial decisions for the future of this sport.”

FIA president Mohammed ben Sulayem recently confirmed that the new technical regulations for 2023 have been submitted.