Mattia Binotto makes admission about Ferrari’s pace for 2023

Red Bull have dominated the 2022 season.

Ferrari team principal, Mattia Binotto, would like to press on and find some answers as to why Red Bull have been performing so much better in recent rounds.

Seven of Ferrari’s pole positions have been overturned by Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez this season, and neither Charles Leclerc nor Carlos Sainz have won since Austria.

The Monegasque crashed out of the French Grand Prix, before a woeful strategic decision saw him finish sixth having been leading in Budapest.

Red Bull came back from the summer break by utterly dominating the Belgian Grand Prix, taking a one-two while the Scuderia seemingly had no riposte to their performance.

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Verstappen made it five wins in a row with further wins in Zandvoort and Monza, and while the Italian side have looked much more competitive in the last two weekends, they have still been beaten by Red Bull.

The race pace of the Austrian side has been the most startling from a Ferrari perspective, and some of that, particularly in Monza, can be put down to the smart decision to put more downforce on the Red Bull to improve its consistency.

The focus at Maranello will be on how they can counter that, and loyal as ever to his team, Binotto puts Verstappen’s Hungary win down to pace there too, rather than any strategical mishaps.

“I think we do not only look back at the previous two [races] but the last three because I would include as well Hungary,” he said.

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“In the last races, I think that the performance of the Red Bull has been better than ours. Not in qualifying, because I see that in quali we have still got a good pace.

“So let me say the pure performance is still there. But then with the race pace, we are suffering tyre degradation.

“In that respect, I think the Red Bull is a better car, so they’ve been capable of developing that car for a better balance that we didn’t. 

“The reason? I think it is something that we are looking at, because we need to address it. If not for this season, certainly for the next one.”

Ultimately, the Italian accepts that his team are not quite finding the right set-up at the moment.

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“Having an open balance, medium-high speed to low-speed corners, generated overheating into the tyres themselves, which somehow then brings to the degradation.

“So, we know that the car balance was not the right one. The reason of the poor car balance was due to aero developments that brought us there. It was a question mark for us.”

Verstappen is 116 points clear of Leclerc in the Drivers’ Standings, and he looks all set to clinch his second world title.