Mattia Binotto and Christian Horner back Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull have teased that a management role could be made available in the future for retired four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Christian Horner, Mike Krack and Mattia Binotto have all backed Sebastian Vettel to return to Formula 1 in the future, but in some sort of management role given that he’s a “great people person”.

Vettel retired at the end of 2022 following a 15-year career in Formula 1, with his debut having been made at the 2007 United States Grand Prix.

The German went on to enjoy an incredible career, which saw him become a four-time World Champion as well as a 53-time Grand Prix winner.

His most dominant period of his career was whilst he raced for Red Bull, with the German having kept a special relationship with the Austrians for the entirety of his career.

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Red Bull boss Horner arguably knows the 35-year-old better than most and is aware that Vettel is someone “that’s annoyingly good at anything”.

“He’s a great people person,” Horner said, per

“He understands the value of people and the contribution that they make to success.

“And I think he’s turned into somewhat of a driver counsellor in the last couple of years as well. So, it really depends what he wishes to apply himself to.

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“He’s one of those guys that’s annoyingly good at anything he chooses to do. So I’m sure if he chose that path he would be very good at it.”

Aston Martin boss Krack echoed Horner’s comments and added his own to support the idea of Vettel returning to the sport in a management role.

Krack believes Vettel has the “personality” to become a team manager, and not just any team manager but a “good one”.

“I don’t know if he wants to do that,” Krack said, per

“But I think he has the personality and all the skill… [that] I think the ones that are needed to do that. So I think he could be a good one, yeah.”

Former Ferrari team principal Binotto also rates Vettel’s people skills incredibly highly, with the German having brought a lot during his time at Maranello, “as a person”.

Binotto added before his departure that Vettel is still loved by everyone at Ferrari, highlighting the effect he has on people.

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“At Ferrari, we have been lucky to have him as part of the team and it has been six important years,” said Binotto, per

“He brought a lot as a driver but more than that, I think he brought a lot as a person – and each single Ferrari fan still loves Sebastian. I think that’s a matter of fact.

“I think… all the people in Ferrari are still loving him and that’s the way we are feeling. They have been incredible years, I think.”