Masi Responds To Sebastian Vettel’s Criticism Of Race Officials

Vettel has repeatedly expressed concerns this season about how race officials’ decisions have led to dangerous on-track situations.

Tensions have been on the rise between Sebastian Vettel and the FIA since cars unlapping themselves under the safety car at Imola saw Lance Stroll come within a metre of a marshal.

After the race, Vettel said it was “embarrassing” that the timing could not just be adjusted and instead cars needed to complete an extra lap which led to the “very, very dangerous” incident with the marshals.

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Prior to this past weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix, F1 race director Michael Masi responded to Vettel’s criticism, saying: “”From my understanding, it is something that had been looked at many years ago when the regulation was first put in. In the discussion at the time, from what I’ve been advised, the teams were actually not in favour of that.”

While it seemed that was the end of the tensions between the four-time World Champion and the FIA, another safety issue during qualifying for the Turkish GP reignited Vettel’s criticism.

After Nicholas Latifi crashed into a barrier in Q2, the cars were still allowed to run while a crane was on the track – a contributing factor in Jules Bianchi’s death from injuries sustained at Suzuka in 2014.

Vettel said of the incident, “mistakes happen but this mistake has zero tolerance.”

Vettel, a director of the Grand Prix Driver’s Association, will most likely be pursuing these safety issues further but has been assured by Masi of the incident at Turkey that the FIA will “review procedures” to avoid this type of situation happening in the future.

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