Martin Brundle speaks out on Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez's future at Red Bull is uncertain, despite an improved weekend in Hungary.

Sergio Perez’s performance at the Hungarian Grand Prix has garnered accolades from former Formula 1 driver and Sky Sports commentator, Martin Brundle. 

Brundle lauded Perez’s impressive drive from ninth on the grid to a podium finish, describing it as just the boost the Mexican driver “needed” for his confidence and reputation within the Red Bull team.

In his column for Sky Sports, Brundle commended Perez’s determined and aggressive showing on the track. 

Despite starting from a disappointing ninth position, Perez showcased unwavering determination, making his way through the pack and securing a podium finish. 

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Brundle emphasised that this performance was crucial for Perez’s own belief in his abilities and for solidifying his standing within the team.

“Perez from a disappointing ninth on the grid would have an impressive drive to the podium which was determined and aggressive in equal measure,” Brundle wrote, highlighting the Mexican driver’s relentless pursuit of success during the race. 

“It was just the performance he needed for his own confidence as well as his reputation.”

Throughout the race, Perez demonstrated a steely resolve during his overtaking manoeuvres, earning him praise from Brundle for his tough yet controlled driving style. 

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The Sky Sports commentator described the drive as a “statement,” emphasising its significance in showcasing Perez’s ability to keep up with the pace and results set by his teammate Max Verstappen, which only a few other drivers can achieve. 

Brundle noted that for Perez to challenge Verstappen consistently at the end of races would be the next step in solidifying his position as a formidable force on the grid.

“I described it in commentary as a statement drive,” Brundle added, underlining the importance of Perez’s performance for his own confidence and his position within the Red Bull team. 

“He showed that he can just about keep his head in the shadow of Verstappen’s speed and results, which few others could do, but he still needs to be bothering the Dutchman’s mirrors at the end of the races.”

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While praising Perez’s Hungarian GP performance, Brundle was also quick to highlight the Mexican driver’s previous brilliant victories earlier in the season, notably in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. 

Those wins further solidified Perez’s reputation as a skilled and accomplished driver on the grid.

“Let’s not forget his brilliant victories just a few months ago in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan,” Brundle concluded, acknowledging the Mexican driver’s impressive achievements earlier in the campaign.