Martin Brundle reveals Tom Cruise ban ahead of Miami GP

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was in attendance at the 2023 Miami Grand Prix on Sunday.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle was at it again ahead of Sunday’s Miami Grand Prix, with the driver turned pundit having stolen the show with another hilarious grid walk, ahead of yet another relatively uneventful race.

After having missed the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the Sky Sports F1 pundit was back at the Miami International Autodrome for the fifth round of the 2023 F1 season, where he completed his traditional grid walk.

Brundle’s grid walks are arguably a thing of beauty usually for all the wrong reasons, with him often talking to celebrities who are oblivious as to who he is.

Over the years he’s had some hilarious and frankly awkward conversations, with him having been banned from speaking to one A-list celebrity as a result.

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At the start of his grid walk in Miami, Brundle informed his viewers that was under instruction not to talk to Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, likely due to their brief chat at the British Grand Prix last season.

“I saw Tom Cruise walking the grid, who I’ve been told specifically we can’t talk to,” Brundle told Sky Sports F1 viewers during his grid walk.

“But that’s never stopped us before,” joked the ex-F1 driver.

Brundle’s quips weren’t done there, with him latter adding: “Lots of famous people here… and lots of people who think they’re famous.”

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At Silverstone last season, Cruise was on the grid supporting seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton, whilst surrounded by security.

This didn’t stop Brundle from trying to get a word out of the celebrity, with him having darted between the crowds to chat to the famous actor.

On that day, Cruise was a man of few words presumably due to how busy it was, with Brundle having been left wishing he could’ve spoken to the actor for longer.

“How are you doing?” Brundle asked Cruise at Silverstone, to which Cruise replied: “Very well. How are you?”

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“Welcome to the grid again,” Brundle continued. “Congratulations on the movie that’s just gone down a storm. Are you cheering for anybody particular today?”

“Lewis [Hamilton], always,” answered Cruise. “I love to watch him racing and he’s a good friend of mine. Hopefully he has a great day.”

Cruise then walked away from the pundit, before Brundle added: “Got pushed around a bit. But he was lovely. Would have liked to have talked to him for a bit longer.”