Martin Brundle makes George Russell and Lando Norris prediction

Ex-Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle has made a prediction about British drivers George Russell and Lando Norris.

Martin Brundle has offered his insights on a weekend that saw Carlos Sainz deliver a masterful performance in Singapore, ending Red Bull’s dominant streak in the 2023 season.

Brundle begins by reflecting on the diverse set of races witnessed recently in Formula 1, from the rain-soaked Zandvoort to the high-speed Monza, and finally the humid and twisty Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore. 

Each race presented unique challenges, but one constant was the fierce competition throughout the grid.

Carlos Sainz, who had showcased his skills in Monza with a podium finish, emerged as the star of the Singapore Grand Prix. 

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Starting from pole position, Sainz controlled the race with finesse. 

Sainz’s strategic use of Lando Norris’s McLaren as a roadblock to Mercedes drivers, allowing Norris to use DRS, displayed his calculated risk-taking and brilliance.

The Ferrari team’s strategy came into play right from the start, as Sainz led the race, and his teammate Charles Leclerc seized second place from George Russell. 

This tactical move allowed the Ferraris to protect their tires and keep the pack together, preventing drivers from making pit stops for fresh rubber. 

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Despite the potential for a processional race, the Singapore Grand Prix had more drama in store.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit has a history of Safety Car interventions, but this time, hopes were high for a cleaner race due to changes in track layout and favourable weather conditions. 

However, on lap 19, Logan Sargeant’s crash led to the first Safety Car deployment, providing an opportunity for some front-runners to make pit stops. 

Ferrari faced a challenge as they were running first and second, with only one pit-stop rig per team. Leclerc’s attempt to create space for Sainz backfired, costing him valuable positions.

Red Bull, which had struggled throughout the weekend, found themselves starting from 11th and 13th on the grid. 

The team’s efforts to adapt to the circuit’s challenges seemed to go awry, as their car, which had been dominant throughout the season, appeared almost undriveable.

Max Verstappen’s avoidance of a penalty for impeding Yuki Tsunoda in qualifying raised eyebrows in the paddock, as many expected a different outcome. 

Red Bull desperately needed a Safety Car, but when Perez’s tires deteriorated, they had to pit. 

Soon after, Esteban Ocon’s Alpine triggered a Virtual Safety Car, further complicating Red Bull’s race.

As the race approached its climax, Mercedes’ George Russell and Lewis Hamilton were closing in on the leaders, setting a blistering pace. 

With only 10 laps remaining, it seemed that Russell had a chance to win. 

However, a mesmerising duel with Norris, the use of DRS, and the challenge of maintaining control on a street circuit led to Russell’s unfortunate crash into the wall.

Brundle reflected on his own experiences in Formula 1 and emphasised the disappointment that can come from missed opportunities. 

However, he believes that George Russell and Lando Norris will have their days of triumph despite the challenges they face.

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The Singapore Grand Prix was also marked by Lance Stroll’s qualifying accident, highlighting the importance of safety measures in Formula 1. Brundle commends the efforts of all involved in ensuring the safety of the drivers.

In closing, Brundle praises Carlos Sainz, whose impressive performance has earned him respect in the world of Formula 1. 

He also lauded the competitive spirit of Sainz’s family and expresses optimism about the exciting pairings on the grid.