Martin Brundle insists Lewis Hamilton could continue in F1 well beyond 2024

Lewis Hamilton goes into 2023 having entered the final year of his contract with Mercedes, with an extension yet to be agreed on.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle is confident that seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton could continue to race at the pinnacle of motorsport for “many more years”, with the 38-year-old being in “incredible shape” despite his age.

Hamilton is, of course, the second oldest driver on the current grid, a few years behind 41-year-old Fernando Alonso.

The Mercedes driver’s contract is set to expire at the end of this season; however, it’s not expected that 2023 will be Hamilton’s final year, following speculation that a multi-year deal could be in the pipeline.

It was reported during the winter break that Hamilton will be offered a multi-year contract, keeping him in the sport until at least the end of 2025, before the new engine regulations are introduced.

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What’ll happen then, remains to be seen, especially given that he’s yet to sign any new deal with the Silver Arrows.

Brundle is certainly expecting Hamilton to continue beyond this season, given that he drives “one of the best Formula 1 cars in the world”.

“I think Lewis can race for as long as he wants to,” Brundle told Sky Sports News.

“Drivers don’t get smashed up these days, they don’t get broken bones and their heads knocked around too much – the cars are much safer.

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“They’re physically in incredible shape with their nutrition, hydration, they are looked after well. So I think they can race on at their peak and I think Lewis has got as many more years as he wants in him. I think he’ll handle it fine – what else is there to do in life, if you can drive one of the best Formula 1 cars in the world?”

Hamilton and Alonso are very much the veterans of Formula 1 nowadays, with it seemingly being an “army of youngsters” against them.

This in itself creates a fascinating dynamic, with Alonso and Hamilton having to prove on a race basis that they have what it takes to battle with drivers over 15 years younger than them.

To put their age into some context, Alonso made his F1 debut before rookies Oscar Piastri and Logan Sargeant were even born!

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Both Hamilton and Alonso, though, continue to be as hungry to win as the younger drivers, with Brundle believing it’ll be fascinating to see “who comes out on top”.

“Absolutely. Both him and [Fernando] Alonso, somehow,” added Brundle, when asked if Hamilton and Alonso are still hungry to win.

“This is one of the things that fascinates me about 2023 – you’ve got the two of them left now. Alonso and Hamilton against this army of youngsters coming in who want the glory and want the championship. We’ll see who comes out on top.”