Martin Brundle fires Carlos Sainz accusation

Carlos Sainz finished in third position at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix, scoring a podium at Ferrari's home race.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz claimed the spotlight at the Italian Grand Prix despite a controversy-riddled race weekend. Max Verstappen, achieving a monumental 10th consecutive victory and 12th overall for the season, secured a historic win at Monza. 

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez followed closely, securing second place, while Sainz valiantly defended his position against teammate Charles Leclerc, ultimately clinching the final podium spot.

The fierce battle between the two scarlet-clad Ferraris kept spectators on the edge of their seats, with moments of near-contact adding to the suspense. 

Martin Brundle, the renowned Sky Sports Formula 1 pundit and former driver, did not hold back in showering accolades upon Sainz for his remarkable performance, acknowledging that the Spaniard occasionally pushed the limits of racing etiquette.

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“The star of the Italian Grand Prix was undoubtedly Carlos Sainz,” Brundle emphatically stated in his Sky Sports column, commending Sainz’s prowess on the Monza circuit. 

He noted Ferrari’s meticulous preparation, emphasising their tailored aerodynamic package and the deployment of fresh power units.

Sainz’s brilliance was evident from the very start of the race as he threatened to dethrone Verstappen from pole position. 

Under the mounting pressure, he displayed unwavering composure and skill. 

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Brundle commented on the general paddock consensus that anticipated Red Bull’s superior race pace and tire management, a prediction shared even by Ferrari. 

Sainz and Leclerc were well aware that they needed to give their all.

“Ferrari and their fans love an aggressive, passionate, and never-say-die driver, and have many former heroes such as Gilles Villeneuve as a benchmark,” Brundle reflected, highlighting the qualities that endear Sainz to the Scuderia faithful.

Sainz’s defence against not only Verstappen but also the relentless pursuit of Sergio Perez in the sister Red Bull and his own teammate, Leclerc, was nothing short of brilliant, albeit with moments that tested the boundaries of the rulebook. 

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Brundle noted that Sainz consistently positioned his car impeccably, unyielding in resisting overtaking manoeuvres, especially at the challenging turn one.

Acknowledging the fine line Sainz occasionally tiptoed, Brundle commented, “Sometimes his defensive moves were a touch late; he occasionally pushed the rules on moving more than once and also on the need to leave space on the outside of a corner.” 

Despite these daring tactics, the FIA stewards’ willingness to permit hard racing received Brundle’s commendation.