Martin Brundle delivers verdict on Lewis Hamilton’s new Mercedes contract

Martin Brundle believes that Lewis Hamilton will only remain in the sport for two or three more years before retiring from F1.

As talks continue over Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes contract, Formula 1 commentator Martin Brundle has offered his perspective on the timeframe of the seven-time World Champion’s career. 

Hamilton confirmed ongoing discussions with Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff, who aimed to finalise the contract negotiations ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Based on Hamilton’s current form and attitude in the paddock, Brundle believes the British driver has demonstrated a willingness to continue in Formula 1. 

Brundle expressed his view to Sky Sports, stating: “I can easily see another two to three years. 

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“He’s easily strong enough, fit enough, mentally still fit enough. 

“He’s really got a spring in his step at the moment and enjoying his F1.

“It seems clear to me watching him in the press conferences and around the car.”

Brundle further highlighted the positive physical condition of the current generation of drivers, noting that they rarely experience injuries. 

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Speculation has arisen regarding the length of any potential contract for Hamilton and whether he will commit to a long-term future beyond 2026, when new regulations are set to be introduced. 

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However, Brundle believes the decision ultimately rests with Hamilton, emphasising that if a driver decides they’ve had enough, they cannot be forced to continue.

Brundle added: “But I always say you don’t lose the speed, you lose the need, and Lewis has not lost the need to be a Formula 1 driver.” 

This statement underscores Hamilton’s continued passion and motivation for the sport, indicating that his decision to prolong his career will be driven by his own desire to compete rather than external factors.