Mark Webber shares hilarious toilet break trouble story

Mark Webber has revealed that he almost got in trouble with the Prime Minister’s security back in 1997.

The security for the UK Prime Minister do not mess around, often having to prepare to deal with the most severe of threats in order to defend on of the most high-profile people in the world.

One thing that these security guards would not have anticipated dealing with is former Red Bull driver Mark Webber.

The Australian has recently recalled a hilarious story from before his days in Formula 1, where he almost found himself on the wrong side of the law when encountering these guards.

“I think the biggest influence outside my father was Sir Jackie Stewart,” said the Australian.

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“There was absolutely no reason why he had to take me under his wing. I’ve been with Jackie as far back as ’97, when he was looking to maybe secure a driver for his team, which didn’t work out for only small reasons where I was already linked to another team.

“I remember him inviting me to his house in ’97 and I got there an hour early for the meeting. So I was parked outside around the corner for one hour early to make sure I wasn’t late.

“It’s not a million miles from Chequers [the official country residence of British Prime Ministers] and I was busting for a leak. So I thought I’d get out and it’s dark, it’s in the winter and I was parked on the edge of this field.

“I got out and just had a leak and then I got back in my car and in the next minute I had two pretty heavy duty individuals come and just check out what I was up to.

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“They were just part of the Chequers’ security and I’d been parked on their boundary for a while. But I just said I had an appointment quite locally and they knew who obviously I was talking about!”

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Fortunately for Webber, his career was not affected by this close shave and he went on to win nine races over the course of his Formula 1 career with the likes of Williams and Red Bull.

Since retiring from Formula 1 at the end of the 2013 season, Webber has moved to become an agent, currently being the manager of McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri.

The 46-year-old will be hoping that his young countryman can hit the ground running in Formula 1, after going through a legal battle with Alpine just to sign for McLaren.