Machine Gun Kelly involved in bizarre Martin Brundle interview

Martin Brundle's pre-race grid walks have become part of Formula 1 folklore over the years.

American rapper Machine Gun Kelly became the latest celebrity to have a bizarre interview with ex-Formula 1 driver turned pundit Martin Brundle, ahead of Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

Brundle was completing his traditional grid walk when he came across the musician, whom he stopped to speak to.

The Sky Sports F1 pundit’s grid walks are very much an F1 tradition somewhat, with then often involving excruciating interviews.

Sunday at Interlagos was no different, as Brundle’s lengthy conversation with Machine Gun Kelly was perhaps one of the strangest he’s ever done.

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It was incredibly odd from the get-go and came to a hilarious conclusion mid-race.

Brundle tried to start the interview in good spirits, with the musician having been responsible for it becoming awkward in rapid fashion.

“Good to see you. Welcome to our grid,” Brundle said to Machine Gun Kelly.

The musician looked at Brundle with a puzzled look, before replying: “I have no idea what you said, but thank you.”

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Brundle then repeated himself: “I said welcome to the grid.”

Machine Gun Kelly heard the ex-F1 driver on this occasion, and said: “Thank you, thank you, honour to be here.”

Brundle then tried to move the odd conversation onto the musician’s career, something he seemingly had no plans to discuss.

“Tell us about your career at the moment,” Brundle said.

Brundle was again left waiting for a reply, as Machine Gun Kelly became distracted by a poppy on the pundit’s shirt.

“What? What are you saying?” Machine Gun Kelly asked.

“Tell us about your career at the moment. What’s going on for you?” Brundle repeated once again.

Machine Gun Kelly replied: “Oh, my career. I don’t think about my career. I don’t think about it.”

Brundle hysterically said in response: “Good luck with it, whatever you do. What do you think about our business in F1?”

“Business is great. It’s loud! Your life’s on the line. That’s exciting,” stated the musician.

“I was at a studio the other week and Lewis Hamilton was in the other studio. That was nice.

“What do you think about my business?” he oddly said to Brundle.

“We love your business. Because there’s always been a great synergy between the music business and the motor racing business somehow,” Brundle answered.

Things then took an even stranger turn, as Machine Gun Kelly tried to get Brundle to play an air piano, whilst he played an air guitar.

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Brundle wasn’t prepared to do this, much to the disappointment of the musician who stormed off down the grid.

“Something tells me I won’t be on his Christmas card list,” Brundle chirped.

That wasn’t the last time Machine Gun Kelly was discussed on Sky Sports F1’s broadcast of the Grand Prix, as Brundle and commentator David Croft were informed mid-race that he’d left the circuit.