Luca Di Montezemolo Not Ruling Out Return To ‘Weak’ Ferrari

Di Montezemolo said he knows what Ferrari’s weaknesses are and is confident that he can address them.

Last week, it was announced that Louis Camilleri had resigned from his position as Ferrari’s CEO for “personal reasons”, with John Elkann, chairman of the luxury Italian car-maker, taking over his duties on an interim basis.

Luca di Montezemolo, who served as Ferrari’s president and chairman until September 2014, has not ruled out a return to the firm as he believes he can fix the Scuderia’s problems.

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“Is it possible for me to return to Ferrari? The question should not be asked to me. No one has asked me anything,” di Montezemolo said in a recent interview with Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI).

“I think I know what the problems are and I can fix them, I know what needs to be tackled over time. But I see with great regret a weak Ferrari, out of the top positions, and that makes me worried because it’s a very difficult time for the team.”

He admitted that present-day Ferrari is a very different corporation to what it was back when he was at the helm:

“This is a very different Ferrari from mine. It pays great attention to the stock market, it has increased the production of the cars, but for the first time it has a leadership that does not know Formula 1.

“After Camilleri’s resignation, I hope they choose the new CEO well because there is a team to strengthen.”

Di Montezemolo went on to say that he believes Stefano Domenicali, who will replace Chase Carey as the CEO of Formula One next year, would have been the ideal replacement for Camilleri.

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“I’m sorry to say, but there would have been a perfect person to lead Ferrari: I’m talking about Stefano Domenicali, who I am sure he will do very well in the new role.

“If they would like to hear any suggestions, I would be happy to share them. I love Ferrari very much.

“These are very difficult moments not only for the lack of victories and I want to avoid creating further elements of controversy,” he added.

“I try to be constructive but I’m worried because Ferrari never led a lap in the whole [2020] World Championship.

“There are problems that come from afar and create questions about the future. These are two-fold. First of all, a horizontal organisation that does not hold up in Formula 1.

“It is typical of those who lack experience and knowledge and perhaps not even the humility to see how the best teams are organised or how Ferrari itself was organised.

“Secondly, to win you need to have some element in the team that makes a difference and brings new skills.

“I had a very strong team because I’ve always tried to choose experienced people,” the Italian concluded.

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