‘Like NASCAR’: Max Verstappen fires stern warning at F1 bosses

Max Verstappen has fired a warning at Formula 1 bosses ahead of the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen has admitted that Formula 1 is at risk of becoming “like NASCAR”, in regard to racing in the wet.

Several races over recent years have been delayed following a rain shower, despite the circuit not being submerged in water.

This was the case at the recent Belgian Grand Prix, where rain was present throughout the weekend.

Very little running took place when it was actually raining, despite the circuit having been drivable a lot of the time.

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Whilst the track surface might be okay more often than not, spray has for several years now been the biggest issue.

With the sport recently moving to bigger tyres, more spray is being thrown up into the air, reducing visibility.

Verstappen recently admitted that it’s been near impossible to see in the rain for a “very long time”, but that there is little which can be done.

“We went to the bigger tyres, that makes it worse because there is more displacement,” Verstappen told media including RacingNews365.com.

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“The shape of the car… it’s so big so you have more spray. It is worse than it was in 2016 but it was also bad then.

“I remember the race in Brazil, where I was at the back after the pit stop, I couldn’t even see Fernando spinning off the track.

“The whole spray I kept it flat but I didn’t see anything, but from knowing where you’re going from all the other laps, you just keep it pinned.

“But if there would have been someone standing [still], you would have completely driven through.

“It’s bad, but it has been bad for a very long time so I don’t think there is a lot we can do about it.”

More often than not, even when the track is wet, all the drivers will still pit for a set of Intermediates, due to the Full Wet tyres being so slow.

Spa-Francorchamps arguably receives more attention than others when it’s raining, due to the sizeable accidents which usually occur in the wet.

Very recently, 18-year-old Dilano van ‘t Hoff was killed in a crash at the historic venue, due to a lack of visibility.

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Verstappen recognises that the rain does sadly cause some horrific crashes which has led to a more precautious approach to wet weather by race directors, but that the only way to end big crashes happening in challenging conditions is to become “like NASCAR” and stop wet sessions.

“Of course, certain accidents happen that have a bad outcome and then people naturally start to talk about it more. But if you look at it that way, you can’t really race in the rain any more because there will always be problems with visibility,” Verstappen added.

“That would a shame. Then it becomes like NASCAR, they don’t drive in the rain either.”