Lewis Hamilton’s dietary plan grows in popularity

Mercedes driver and serial F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has long been following a strict plant-based diet.

Neil Robertson, the accomplished snooker star who will be competing in the British Open this week, has been following a vegan diet for nearly a decade. 

While his dietary choice aligns with that of Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton, Robertson’s journey into veganism was initially inspired by fellow snooker player Peter Ebdon, who had already adopted a vegan lifestyle several years before Robertson.

The 41-year-old snooker virtuoso boasts an impressive career, having won at least one professional tournament every year from 2006 to 2022. 

His transition to a vegan diet in 2014 was driven by a desire to enhance his health and well-being.

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In a past interview with Great Vegan Athletes in 2015, Robertson explained his motivation for embracing veganism: “I felt I needed to eat healthier to give myself the chance to get the most out of my career. 

“I was pretty interested in the vegan diet for months before I decided to give it a try through speaking to Peter Ebdon, who has been vegan for about three years now.”

Despite his commitment to avoiding animal food products, Robertson refrains from categorising himself as a full-fledged vegan due to difficulties in sourcing vegan snooker shoes. 

He expressed his openness to potentially adopting a completely vegan lifestyle in the future, saying, “Going completely vegan is something I could see myself doing in the future. 

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“It certainly makes me feel like a better person for the change and knowing we can get everything we need on a plant-based diet.”

Robertson also credits his vegan diet with helping him evade food-related issues while traveling the world for snooker tournaments, a concern that plagues many of his peers who consume meat. 

He emphasised the challenges of sourcing safe and suitable meat while on tour, especially in countries like China, where he witnessed numerous players suffering from food poisoning.

“It was down to how I was at tournaments, with travel, especially when you go to China,” he explained. 

“However you look at it, there is a lot of dodgy meat out there. 

“There’s always half a dozen players ending up with food poisoning. 

“I didn’t really want to be one of those players.”

In recent years, a growing number of elite athletes have embraced vegan diets, with Neil Robertson and Lewis Hamilton standing as two of the most successful plant-based sports figures. 

Notable personalities such as Novak Djokovic, Alex Morgan, and Venus Williams have also transitioned to vegan lifestyles and credited these choices with contributing to their success in their respective fields.

Lewis Hamilton, who champions the benefits of veganism, has attributed his dietary choice to improvements in his energy levels and overall well-being. 

He shared with Men’s Health, “I have more energy, I’m so much more productive. 

“I wake up feeling way better, clearer in thought and fresher in my body. 

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“I recover quicker, I sleep better, my skin cleared up, I have fewer allergies. 

“There are just so many impacts. 

“I’m physically in better shape than I’ve ever been, and my plant-based program has played such a big role in that.”