Lewis Hamilton to be handed boost that could help him fight Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton has been unable to battle Max Verstappen in 2023, due to his Mercedes W14's weaknesses.

Mercedes have expressed optimism about their consistent performance this season while maintaining their ambition to catch up to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. 

Amid Verstappen’s nine-race streak of victories, it is Mercedes that stands as the strongest contender behind the Red Bull duo. 

The team believes that their sustained performance and a car built for future improvements provide a solid foundation for their pursuit of success.

In 2023, Mercedes, along with Red Bull and Alpine, is among the three teams that have seen both drivers on the podium. 

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Recognising their accomplishments, the team is keen to continue building on this momentum. 

Reflecting on the lessons learned from an inconsistent 2022, where car performance hindered progress, Mercedes took a different approach in 2023. 

A switch to a B-spec design in Monaco has yielded positive outcomes, allowing the team to enhance their performance on a race-by-race basis.

Currently holding the second position in the Constructors’ Championship, Mercedes openly acknowledges their ambition to secure race wins. 

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Chief technical officer Mike Elliott emphasised the team’s desire to compete at the front of the pack, specifically challenging Max Verstappen. 

Elliott stated, “What we really want to do is win races… and to chase down Max at the front.”

Elliott highlighted the team’s satisfaction with their consistent performance across races, contrasting the ups and downs of the past. 

“What is encouraging is that we are starting to see a level of performance from the car that is consistent race to race,” he noted. 

This newfound stability enables Mercedes to extract optimal performance from their current car, fostering optimism for the future.

Regarding future developments, Elliott revealed plans for gradual upgrades in the upcoming races. 

“We brought an upgrade to Zandvoort and that did what we expected it to do. 

“We’ve got a few more bits to bring over the course of the next few races.”

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He also emphasised the importance of optimization work, aiming to extract the maximum potential from the car’s setup.

With only a few races to go, Mercedes currently finds itself in P2 of the Constructors’ race. 

While the Silver Arrows have no prospect of overturning Red Bull’s dominant lead in the title battle, they will be pleased to have improved from last year’s P3 finish.