Lewis Hamilton tipped to help Ferrari win first championship since 2007

With the 2025 regulations expected to remain stable, Smedley argues that a significant change, such as Hamilton's switch to Ferrari, is necessary to challenge Red Bull's supremacy.

Rob Smedley, a former Ferrari engineer, has expressed his belief in Lewis Hamilton’s potential to help Ferrari challenge Red Bull’s recent dominance in Formula 1.

With Red Bull securing nearly all race victories under the current regulations, Ferrari stands as the only team to have broken their winning streak in 2023.

As Ferrari shows signs of improvement with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz achieving podiums, the anticipated arrival of Hamilton in 2025 is seen as a pivotal move that could tip the scales in Ferrari’s favor.

Smedley, who spent a decade with Ferrari, recognizes the team’s progression but sees Hamilton’s addition as a crucial element that could provide the marginal gains needed for Ferrari to excel.

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He emphasizes the impact of having a driver like Hamilton, a seven-time World Champion, who can contribute to enhancing team performance by a few percentage points across the board.

This boost, according to Smedley, is often all that’s needed for a team on the cusp of leading to break through and become a dominant force in the sport.

During his interview with PlanetF1.com, Smedley lauded Ferrari’s car development towards the end of last year and suggested that Hamilton’s experience and skill could be the catalyst for further advancement.

He reminisced about his time with Ferrari, during which the team transitioned into a “winning machine,” a status currently held by Red Bull.

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Smedley points out that Red Bull’s consistent success stems from a culture unfamiliar with defeat, a trait shared by previously dominant teams like Mercedes.

With the 2025 regulations expected to remain stable, Smedley argues that a significant change, such as Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari, is necessary to challenge Red Bull’s supremacy.

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He describes Hamilton’s move as a potential “market force” that could shift the competitive landscape, encouraging Ferrari to secure race victories and potentially destabilize Red Bull’s stronghold.

Smedley also acknowledges Red Bull’s achievements, noting the importance of competition and the principle of meritocracy in Formula 1.

He argues that it’s up to the competing teams to rise to the challenge and match Red Bull’s performance, underlining the equal opportunities available within the sport.