Lewis Hamilton – The Way From a Simple Boy to the Star of Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton truly has one of the most fascinating and inspiring stories of becoming the best Formula One driver and the highest-paid athlete in motorsports.

You don’t have to be a Formula One fan to know the name of Lewis Hamilton. He is the Mercedes 7 times world champion from Britain. Lewis Hamilton was the unbeatable F1 leader from 2014 till 2021 when he lost his lucky strike to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Only Michael Schumacher achieved a total of seven driver’s titles in the past. Hamilton also was the highest-paid athlete in motorsports and one of the highest-paid athletes globally. Now, remaining one of the oldest F1 drivers, Hamilton pursues the eighth title to set his own record. See the story of Lewis Hamilton, his path to success, and what gave him power and motivation all these years. This is Lewis Hamilton’s way to becoming ‌F1 biggest start.


Lewis Hamilton’s upbringing differs from most F1 drivers on the grid. Although Lewis discovered carting for himself rather young, like most professional drivers, his family didn’t have any motorsports experience or even enough funds to support Lewis’ interests. Hamilton’s father has to work up to four jobs at times to fulfill Lewis’s racing ambitions. He was also the one who introduced motorsports to Lewis.
At age five, Lewis took second place in a radio-controlled car competition. At 6, he was already testing his first go-kart and trying himself in competitions. Being the only black kid in the local racing groups was not an experience Hamilton recalls lightly. Yet, he proceeded to complete and win any local and then national competition he could afford. In four years, Hamilton became the youngest go-kart champion. Still, Hamilton is vocal about the difficulty of getting into this sport with low resources as he did. Fortunately, his professionalism didn’t go unnoticed by the teams’ recruits. 

At 13, Hamilton had already signed his first racing contract with McLaren. He signed up for their driver development program with a chance to secure the F1 seat. This contract made Lewis the youngest driver ever to secure the F1 position. In fact, you can take information  from writepaperfor.me and find a service to give you more information on Formula One history and recruiting programs. A professional research paper can cover more in a few pages than what you can find online in a few hours. 

Professional career

Hamilton made his first appearances in professional adult motorsport at the age of sixteen. Over the years, he has shown himself as a very mature, dedicated, and highly talented driver. The leading companies in the sport immediately noticed him. For the next five years, Hamilton was building the skills and knowledge of the professional driving world. At 22, he became the F1 driver for McLaren, as was determined almost a decade ago. The next year, Hamilton won his first championship title.

In the following five years, Hamilton continues gaining points and scoring victories on the track. So it was to no one’s surprise when Mercedes announced his new contract with Hamilton, who was replacing Michael Schumacher. Thus, the year 2013 symbolized a new stage in his career. What followed was the succession of poles, victories, and Hamilton’s rise in popularity. In just one year, Hamilton earned his first championship title while racing for Mercedes. In the following seven years, he would win five more titles for Mercedes, becoming the world’s most recognizable and highest-paid racer. 

Although the last couple of years were the least successful in Hamilton’s career, he is still going strong. Hamilton is not determined to quit before achieving his eighth title and finishing strong on the grid. The past season’s car issues posed the main complication for Hamilton in his pursuit of the pole position, making it the worst season of his career. However, each new season in F1 brings surprises and changes to improve and diversify the sport. 

Hamilton’s impact on Formula One

Being the best driver in the generation comes with a lot of responsibility, which Lewis was quick to learn. Many people credit Hamilton for popularizing Formula One in public, bringing more viewers to the sport. For one, Hamilton has always held an active social position. Being the first and only black F1 driver is more than a matter of mere representation to him. He was vocal in expressing his disappointment in the lack of people of color in motorsports on high levels. Moreover, Hamilton also developed an active social position on all urgent matters circulating in society, including the environment, veganism, social justice, and more. His high profile allows Hamilton to get his words heard and even influence the FIA policies or stand at times. Beyond social activism, Hamilton has also become the representative of motorsport in pop culture. The driver has also discovered new interests in fashion and music over the past decade. These points made Hamilton the first driver after Schumacher to gain wide public recognition. His path toward the top of his sports career is nothing but inspiring.In fact, you may even compare Hamilton’s way to success with Schumacher’s with the help of a reliable paper writing help online service.