Lewis Hamilton slams Uganda: ‘As if the world doesn’t have enough problems’

In Uganda, a law has been approved to make it a crime to identify as part of the LGBTQ community.

Seven-time World Champion and LGBTQ supporter Lewis Hamilton has hit out at the Ugandan government, after the African nation introduced a disgraceful new bill.

The Ugandan government passed a new bill during the week, which will see anybody who identifies as part of the LGBTQ community risk life in prison or even the death penalty.

It was sadly passed on Tuesday following widespread support, with it becoming one of the harshest anti-gay legislations on the continent.

After being approved by the Ugandan government, the bill will now be sent to Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, who has the final say as to whether to veto the law or sign it into use.

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Hamilton insisted that the Ugandan government “undo” the legislation with immediate effect, with the 38-year-old having taken to social media to slam the African nation, who have also been criticised by the UK and the USA.

“As if the world doesn’t have enough problems,” Hamilton wrote on Instagram.

“This is so disappointing, Uganda government you need to undo this immediately!!”

Former Aston Martin chief communications officer Matt Bishop was quick to praise Hamilton for “as usual” being “brilliant on track and brilliant off track”, with the Mercedes star having often used his remarkable platform for a lot of good.

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Bishop praised Hamilton on social media, with his post on Twitter having read: “Well done @LewisHamilton, brilliant on track & brilliant off track as usual, for speaking out on Instagram (see screen-grab) against the appalling new bill passed by the Ugandan parliament that would make it a crime merely to identify as #LGBTQ. (1/2)

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“If you want to know more about the appalling new bill passed by the Ugandan parliament that would make it a crime merely to identify as #LGBTQ, here’s a short @Reuters video report on the subject. (2/2)”

Hamilton has been a keen supporter of the LGBTQ community for several years, with the 103-time race winner having often used his platform to raise awareness of the community.

He’s famously worn an LGBTQ-themed helmet when racing in the Middle East, an area of the world where same-sex marriage remains largely illegal.