Lewis Hamilton sent warning about George Russell amid contract talks

Talks are still ongoing between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes over the seven-time world champion’s future in the sport.

Formula 1 commentator Martin Brundle has suggested that Mercedes could utilise George Russell as a negotiating tool in ongoing discussions concerning Lewis Hamilton’s future in the sport. 

With Hamilton’s contract set to expire at the end of the year, progress has been made in recent talks between the seven-time world champion and Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.

While Wolff hinted at a potential resolution before the race in Montreal, no official announcement has been made. 

Brundle, a former F1 driver turned pundit, believes that both parties hold leverage as they navigate the contract negotiations.

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“The devil will be in the details,” Brundle stated during Sky F1’s coverage. 

“In some respects, I feel like it’s none of my business, his contract. 

“But, of course, we ask the questions. 

“Lewis transcends this sport in many ways, and I’m sure there will be elements in his contract that reflect his wider endeavours beyond just driving the car.”

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Brundle emphasised the importance of careful consideration during the negotiation process, cautioning against hasty decisions. 

He suggested that Mercedes has the advantage of George Russell as a potential bargaining chip, while Hamilton can leverage his desire for a competitive car and pursue his personal ambitions.

“I’m sure they are putting in place all sorts of milestones for the future,” Brundle added.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, Hamilton has demanded an astonishing five-year deal worth £250 million to renew his contract with Mercedes. 

Brundle anticipated that Hamilton will commit to F1 for the long term, projecting another two to three years for the British driver.

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“He’s still mentally and physically fit, and he has a spring in his step at the moment, clearly enjoying his F1,” Brundle explained. 

“The current drivers have been in such good shape for a long time that they don’t tend to get injured easily, which is a relief.”

Brundle concluded by highlighting the importance of maintaining the desire to compete, stating: “You don’t lose the speed; you lose the need, and Lewis has not lost the need to be a Formula 1 driver.”